Lecture Series

As part of the Social Science Baha Lecture Series, the Baha has been providing a forum to local and visiting scholars to present their work and interact with the larger public in an open lecture format. The Lecture Series is a not a periodic event but rather is held whenever there is someone ready to make a presentation. The following are the lectures hosted by the Baha so far.

Note: Audio versions of lectures are available online from Lecture Series XXI onwards, and also available are abstracts from Lecture Series XI and later.

Lecture Series IX—David Gellner: ‘Rebuilding Buddhism: Transnational Theravada Revivalism in Nepal’ May 27, 2004
Lecture Series VIII—Asghar Ali Engineer: ‘Sufism in South Asia: A Meeting Point for Secularism’ Apr 15, 2004
Lecture Series VII—Judith Pettigrew: ‘Women, Ideology, and Agency in Nepal’s Maoist Movement’ Jan 15, 2004
Lecture Series VI—Kathryn March: ‘Thirty Years of Change in a Northwestern Tamang Village’ Nov 26, 2003
Lecture Series IV—Walter Kaelin: ‘Power Sharing: Learning Lessons from Switzerland’ Aug 12, 2003
Lecture Series XXV—Mahendra Lawoti: ‘Democracy, Accountability, and a New Nepal’ Aug 21, 2008
Lecture Series XVI—Martin Gaenszle: ‘Script and Orality in the Kiranti Language Movement’ Apr 12, 2006
Lecture Series XVII—Anne de Sales: ‘The Maoists and the Shamans: A Tale of Bullets, Hail, and Prejudices’ Nov 19, 2006
Lecture Series XVIII—Rajendra Pradhan: ‘A Preliminary Critique of the World Bank/DFID Summary Report Unequal Citizens: Gender, Caste, and Ethnic Exclusions in Nepal’ Dec 03, 2006
Lecture Series XIX—Bernardo A. Michael: ‘Nepali History as World History’ Jun 20, 2007
Lecture Series XX—Marie Lecomte-Tilouine: ‘Oral History and its Social Context in Dullu, Western Nepal’ Oct 28, 2007
Lecture Series XXI—Sanjeev Uprety : ‘Nepali Masculinities: Ranas, Shahs, and Gurkhas’ Jun 01, 2008
Lecture Series XXII—Pitamber Sharma: ‘Unravelling the Mosaic: Spatial Dimensions of Ethnicity in Nepal’ Jun 15, 2008
Lecture Series XXIV—Susan Hangen: ‘Racial Thinking in Nepal Origins and Contemporary Political Uses’ Jun 22, 2008
Lecture Series XXVI—Andrea Nightingale: ‘Emergent Forests: Networks, Subjectivity, and the Governance of Natural Resources’ Sep 04, 2008
Lecture Series XXVII—John Cameron: ‘Development in the Republic of Nepal: Some Thoughts and Reflections’ Sep 16, 2008
Lecture Series XXVIII—Konrad Ott: ‘Discourse Ethics as a Framework for Intercultural Environmental Philosophy’ Sep 24, 2008
Lecture Series XXIX—Ravi Bhandari: ‘Epistemological, Methodological, and Theoretical Dependency: Postmodernism in Development Studies’ Mar 08, 2009
Lecture Series XXX—David Seddon: ‘Nepal: Opportunities and Threats-The Dilemmas of Transition’ Mar 11, 2009
Lecture Series XXXI—Mark Turin: ‘The Linguistic Survey of Sikkim: Mother Tongues in Education and Public Policy’ Apr 14, 2009