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Development In The Republic Of Nepal: Some Thoughts And Reflections

John Cameron
Lecture Series XXVII
September 16, 2008

John Cameron
Development in the Republic of Nepal: Some Thoughts and Reflections

The people of Nepal stand at a point in history of immense challenge and great opportunity. There are many thinkers globally who claim to offer insights into what would be a way forward to a better quality of life for all based on rights claims. This presentation outlines a range of frameworks for these claims and reflects on the way forward from a human development perspective relevant to the context of Nepal.

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John Cameron first came to Nepal in 1973. His research with colleagues resulted in three books, Nepal in CrisisThe Struggle for Basic Needs in Nepal, and Peasant and Workers in Nepal. Basically persona non grata in Nepal in the 1980s, Prof Cameron has worked for a number of projects in Nepal from 1990 onwards, including following up on the research from the 1970s. He now teaches development epistemologies, participative research, and the capabilities’ approach at the Institute of Social Studies in The Netherlands.

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