Social Science Baha

As part of the Social Science Baha Lecture Series, the Baha has been providing a forum to local and visiting scholars to present their work and interact with the larger public in an open lecture format. The Lecture Series is a not a periodic event but rather is held whenever there is someone ready to make a presentation. The following are the lectures hosted by the Baha so far.

Note: Audio versions of lectures are available online from Lecture Series XXI onwards, and also available are abstracts from Lecture Series XI and later.

CIVLaura KunreutherWhat Does Democracy Sound Like?Aug 14, 2019
CIIIMallika Shakya(After)life as Ground Zero of an Industrial BeginningJun 13, 2019
CIIAmanda ChisholmFrom Military to MarketMay 15, 2019
CIKeiko YamanakaNepali Labour Migration to JapanApr 22, 2019
CDipak GyawaliNepal’s Development Predicaments through the Lens of Cultural TheoryNov 21, 2018
XCIXBishnu PandeyDisasters, Development and Building CodesAug 02, 2018
XCVIIIMark TurinIndigenous Resurgence in Canada Implications for Nepal?Jul 30, 2018
XCVIITrevor BirkenholtzSurplus and Security India’s National River-Linking Project and Its Implications for River-Sharing Agreements in South AsiaJun 25, 2018
XCVIMegan Adamson SijapatiSituating Muslim Nepal in Islamic South Asia Historical Themes, Directions for Future Study, and the Case for ReligionJun 20, 2018
XCVMart StewartThe History and Future of FoodMay 03, 2018
XCIVKarl-Heinz KrämerElections, Parties and Alliances ​Observations from AbroadNov 27, 2017
XCIIIRishikesh PandeyClimate Change in the Himalaya Implications, Adaptation Responses and Social-Ecological VulnerabilityNov 20, 2017
XCIIAlan MacfarlaneReflections on Working with Gurungs in the Last 50 YearsOct 27, 2017
XCIHeather HindmanWaves of Alterity: Korea-Nepal Engagement and the Challenge of Area StudiesAug 01, 2017
XCWalter WinklerEverybody Has a Story: New Approaches to Story Analysis in Far Western NepalApr 10, 2017
LXXXIXDipesh RisalNepali Heritage and YouSep 26, 2016
LXXXVIIIEdward SimpsonReconstruction in Gujarat: Possible Lessons for NepalJun 22, 2016
LXXXVIIAlton C. ByersConservation and Restoration of Alpine Ecosystems in the Himalaya and the Andes: New Challenges for the 21st CenturyApr 07, 2016
LXXXVINoah CoburnContracting and the Repercussions of Neo-Liberal Warfare in Nepal and BeyondFeb 22, 2016
LXXXVVivek DhareshwarDecolonizing the Social Sciences: Problems and ProspectsNov 03, 2015
LXXXIVKenneth D. CrewsInternational Copyright and Domestic Exceptions: WIPO, Treaties, and the Politics of LibrariesSep 03, 2015
LXXXIIIEdwin van TeijlingenPARI: Strengthening Health Research in NepalApr 06, 2015
LXXXIIDamien FrancoisThe Holy Mountains of NepalMar 23, 2015
LXXXISarah PaolettiRedefining Human Rights through the Lens of Critical TheoryJan 05, 2015
LXXXEiko IkegamiGods, Power and Common Folks: City and Religion in Kyoto, JapanDec 22, 2014
LXXIXBruce McCoy OwensThe Bāhāḥs and Bahīs of Nepal: Thirty Years of Transformation, Preservation, and InnovationJul 03, 2014
LXXVIIINoah CoburnWhen are Elections Bad for Democracy? Internationally Sponsored Elections in Post-Invasion AfghanistanJun 25, 2014
LXXVIIEdward A. RodriguesCaste and the Republic: Critical Reflections on Modernity and Human Rights in South AsiaMay 28, 2014
LXXVIThomas RobertsonDeveloping International Development: DDT and U.S. Environmental and Social Engineering in the Chitwan Valley, 1952-1965May 20, 2014
LXXVAmanda SnellingerSecuring Our Future despite Our State: The Quest for Salaried Work within Political TurmoilApr 30, 2014
LXXIVPeter H. HansenSummits of Modern Man and Thresholds of Climate Change: Mountaineering after the EnlightenmentApr 23, 2014
LXXIIIChristophe JaffrelotThe Crisis of Secularism in South Asia: Towards an Indo-Pakistani Convergence?Apr 21, 2014
LXXIIPhilip OldenburgThe Judiciary as a Political Actor in PakistanMar 24, 2014
LXXIAwadesh Coomar SinhaThe Issue of Indian NepalisMar 19, 2014
LXXTristan BrusléIs There Such a Thing as a Nepalese Diaspora?Mar 12, 2014
LXIXAnjoo Sharan UpadhyayaSelf-Determination and Its Contestations: The Indian ExperienceOct 28, 2013
LXVIIIWilliam RugerThe Path to Prosperity for Developing EconomiesAug 06, 2013
LXVIIYasmin KhanIndia’s Second World WarApr 16, 2013
LXVIMagnus HatlebakkAgrarian Relations and Rural PovertyMar 25, 2013
LXVGautama V. VajracharyaRevisiting the Concept of ‘Prana’ in Nepali and Indian ArtFeb 28, 2013
LXIVJohan GaltungPeace: Four ComponentsFeb 14, 2013
LXIIIMark LiechtySomething Big and Glorious and Magnificently Insane’: Hippie KathmanduJan 09, 2013
LXIIRoger JefferyAccess to Appropriate Medicines: Challenges for NepalDec 20, 2012
LXINeil De VottaThe Rise of China and Its Implications for Indo-Lanka RelationsDec 13, 2012
LXJohn WhelptonChristianity and Nepali SocietyDec 04, 2012
LIXBarbara Nimri AzizThe Mystery of Shakti Yogmaya: Politics or Religion?Nov 02, 2012
LVIIIMara MalagodiKathmandu Journey: Sir Ivor Jennings in Nepal (28 March-24 April 1958)Jul 26, 2012
LVIIRachel StevensNepal Diary: Reflections and ImpressionsJul 05, 2012
LVIJeevan Raj SharmaBorder Effects: Analytical Issues in Border CrossingMay 29, 2012
LVNathalie E. WilliamsMigration during Armed Conflict: A New Look at Variability in Migration DecisionsApr 19, 2012
LIVDavid MosseAnthropology and Development Policy: A Difficult Relationship?Mar 30, 2012
LIIIJoanna Pfaff-CzarneckaEthnicity in the University: Heterogeneity and InequalityMar 19, 2012
LIITodd Lewis and Subarna Man TuladharChittadhar Hridaya’s Sugata Saurabha: The Known and Unknown in the Composition of the EpicMar 06, 2012
LIUlrike Muller-BokerThe Multi-local Livehihoods of BajhangisFeb 23, 2012
LChiara LetiziaShaping Secularism in NepalJan 09, 2012
XLIXMichael HuttThe Iconisation of Yogmaya NeupaneMay 04, 2011
XLVIIIPaul JosephA More Social Military? Or a More Militarized Sociology? Human Terrain Teams and the ‘new’ ArmyApr 22, 2011
XLVIIMichael ThompsonCultural Theory and Clumsiness: Some Lessons from NepalMar 28, 2011
XLVIPratyoush OntaThe Structural Landscape of Social Science Journals Published from NepalMar 14, 2011
XLVKurt LugerWorld Heritage in the Global Tourism Market: Consumption versus Cosmic OrderFeb 24, 2011
XLIVRajendra PradhanLegal Pluralism in the Supreme Court: Law, Religion, and Culture Concerning Women’s Rights in NepalFeb 15, 2011
XLIIIAmy PientaGrowing Old in Nepal: The Impact of Social and Economic Changes in the Chitwan ValleyNov 14, 2010
XLIIJohn DryzekDeliberative Governance: Reframing DemocracyOct 09, 2010
XLIRamawatar YadavMediaeval Maithili Stagecraft in the Nepalamandala The Bhaktapur SchoolAug 02, 2010
XLDarini Rajasingham-SenanayakeChallenges of Sustainable Peace Building and Demilitarizing Development in Post-conflict Sri Lanka: One Year after the WarJul 06, 2010
XXXIXAntonio DoniniHumanitarianism in the 21st Century: Lessons from Afghanistan and Other CrisesApr 15, 2010
XXXVIIIWillem van SchendelApparent Horizons: South Asia from Its BorderlandsMar 30, 2010
XXXVIIAmiya DevLevels of Narration in the MahābhārataJan 27, 2010
XXXVDavid ZurickLandscape and Life History in the HimalayaJan 11, 2010
XXXVIVinay GidwaniPolitics without Guarantees: Gramsci, Uneven Development, and the Constitution of a ‘People’Jan 08, 2010
XXXIVMegan Adamson SijapatiNepali Muslims, Islamic Revival, and the ‘New Nepal’: A Look at Secularism, Religion, and the Politicisation of IdentitiesJan 04, 2010
XXXIIIArjun GuneratneFrom Liberal Democracy to Authoritarian State: A Tale of Constitutional Evolution in Sri Lanka and Possible Lessons for NepalDec 04, 2009
XXXIISeira TamangThe Fragile Yam: Nepali ‘Stateness’ and the Renegotiation of Gendered CitizenshipNov 29, 2009
XXXIMark TurinThe Linguistic Survey of Sikkim: Mother Tongues in Education and Public PolicyApr 14, 2009
XXXDavid SeddonNepal: Opportunities and Threats-The Dilemmas of TransitionMar 11, 2009
XXIXRavi BhandariEpistemological, Methodological, and Theoretical Dependency: Postmodernism in Development StudiesMar 08, 2009
XXVIIIKonrad OttDiscourse Ethics as a Framework for Intercultural Environmental PhilosophySep 24, 2008
XXVIIJohn CameronDevelopment in the Republic of Nepal: Some Thoughts and ReflectionsSep 16, 2008
XXVIAndrea NightingaleEmergent Forests: Networks, Subjectivity, and the Governance of Natural ResourcesSep 04, 2008
XXVMahendra LawotiDemocracy, Accountability, and a New NepalAug 21, 2008
XXIVSusan HangenRacial Thinking in Nepal Origins and Contemporary Political UsesJun 22, 2008
XXIIPitamber SharmaUnravelling the Mosaic: Spatial Dimensions of Ethnicity in NepalJun 15, 2008
XXISanjeev UpretyNepali Masculinities: Ranas, Shahs, and GurkhasJun 01, 2008
XXMarie Lecomte-TilouineOral History and its Social Context in Dullu, Western NepalOct 28, 2007
XIXBernardo A. MichaelNepali History as World HistoryJun 20, 2007
XVIIIRajendra PradhanA Preliminary Critique of the World Bank/DFID Summary Report Unequal Citizens: Gender, Caste, and Ethnic Exclusions in NepalDec 03, 2006
XVIIAnne de SalesThe Maoists and the Shamans: A Tale of Bullets, Hail, and PrejudicesNov 19, 2006
XVIMartin GaenszleScript and Orality in the Kiranti Language MovementApr 12, 2006
XVDilli Ram DahalDoing Field Work in the United States of America and Nepal: Some Cross-Cultural ExperiencesMar 17, 2006
XIVJagannath AdhikariGlobalization and the Securitization of Migration: The Context of Nepali Foreign Labour Migrants and Sustainable LivelihoodDec 16, 2005
XIIIElvira GranerMapping Actors in Carpet Production in the Kathmandu Valley: A Relational Economic GeographyOct 27, 2005
XIIIan HarperMissions and Medicine in Nepal: Some Anthropological ReflectionsAug 09, 2004
XIJohn WhelptonThe State, Ethnic Diversity and the Development of National Identity: Comparisons between Nepal and the British IslesJul 26, 2004
XMahendra LawotiExclusionary Democratization in Nepal: Political Institutions and Elite Attitudes in Comparative PerspectiveJul 01, 2004
IXDavid GellnerRebuilding Buddhism: Transnational Theravada Revivalism in NepalMay 27, 2004
VIIIAsghar Ali EngineerSufism in South Asia: A Meeting Point for SecularismApr 15, 2004
VIIJudith PettigrewWomen, Ideology, and Agency in Nepal’s Maoist MovementJan 15, 2004
VIKathryn MarchThirty Years of Change in a Northwestern Tamang VillageNov 26, 2003
IVWalter KaelinPower Sharing: Learning Lessons from SwitzerlandAug 12, 2003
IIIRamesh DhungelOpening the Chest of Nepal’s History: The Survey of Brian Houghton Hodgson’s Manuscripts from the British Library and Royal Asiatic SocietyJul 01, 2003
IIJoe HeimPolitical Culture, Political Participation, and Political LeadershipJan 09, 2003
IMichael HuttBhutanese Refugees: Some Reflections on the Past and PresentJul 19, 2002