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Growing Old In Nepal: The Impact Of Social And Economic Changes In The Chitwan Valley

Amy Pienta
Lecture Series XLIII
November 14, 2010

Amy Pienta
Growing Old in Nepal: The Impact of Social and Economic Changes in the Chitwan Valley

Rapid social and economic changes that have taken place in Nepal have untold consequences for families in Nepal and in particular for the elderly. This lecture will describe the social and economic changes that have taken place in the Chitwan Valley and the impact changes have on older men and women. Research from the Chitwan Valley Family Study (CVFS) will be presented, describing how and why intergenerational attitudes and behaviours toward the elderly have changed in Nepal and also how elderly health has been impacted by these changes.

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Amy Pienta is an Associate Research Scientist at the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), a part of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. She is also a research affiliate of the Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging and the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan. Dr Pienta’s primary research interests are in social aspects of population aging. She has conducted studies of aging in Nepal, retirement behavior in the US, and health in later life.

(This lecture was organised in association with the Institute for Social and Environmental Research-Nepal.)

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