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The Maoists And The Shamans: A Tale Of Bullets, Hail, And Prejudices

Anne de Sales
Lecture Series XVII
November 19, 2006

Anne de Sales
The Maoists and the Shamans: A Tale of Bullets, Hail, and Prejudices

Anne de Sales is ‘Chargée de Recherches’ at the CNRS and member of the ‘Laboratoire d’Ethnologie et de Sociologie Comparative’ of the University of Nanterre-Paris. She has published widely on the Kham Magars, including The Kham Magar Country, Nepal: Between Ethnic Claims and Maoism in Deepak Thapa (ed) Understanding The Maoist Movement of Nepal (2004); and the monograph, Je Suis Né de vos Jeux de Tambours: La Religion Chamanique des Magar du Nord (1991). She is currently associated with Oxford University.

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