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Nepal: Opportunities And Threats-The Dilemmas Of Transition

David Seddon
Lecture Series XXX
March 12, 2009

David Seddon
Nepal: Opportunities and Threats-The Dilemmas of Transition

Prof David Seddon comments on the political, economic and social challenges facing the government and the people of Nepal at this point in time from the perspective of a long-standing visitor, sympathetic observer and critical analyst.

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David Seddon was until recently Professor of Politics and Sociology at the School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, UK. He has a long-standing interest in Nepal and is the co-author of the much-acclaimed Nepal in Crisis: Growth and Stagnation at the Periphery (1980). His other publications are Theories of Development: In Comparative and Historical Perspective (forthcoming), Nepal: A State of Poverty (1987), and Relations of Productions: Marxist Approaches to Economic Anthropology (edited, 1978). He has also co-authored or -edited The People’s War in Nepal:Left Perspectives, Pokhara: Biography of a TownThe Struggle for Basic Needs in Nepal, and Peasants and Workers in Nepal.

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