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The Social Science Baha is an independent, non-profit organisation set up with the objective of promoting and enhancing the study of and research in the social sciences in Nepal. Established on 1 January 2002 with the primary focus of starting a social science library, the Social Science Baha was initially hosted at Himal Association, a non-profit organisation located at Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur. By the time of its formal registration as an independent entity on 15 January 2007, however, the Baha had diversified its activities and become involved in other areas as well, namely: i) conducting the four-month-long Immersion Course on Contemporary Social Issues; ii) hosting lectures, discussions, workshops, and conferences; iii) publishing books, occasional papers and journals; and iv) conducting research.
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Social Science Baha

Lecture Series LXXV

Social Science Baha
invites you to its

Lecture Series LXXV

Amanda Snellinger
Securing Our Future despite Our State
The Quest for Salaried Work within Political Turmoil 

5.30 pm • 30 April, 2014 (Wednesday) • Yalamaya Kendra, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur

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Applications are invited for the position of Research Associate in the project New Norms and Forms of Development: Brokerage in Maternal and Child Health Service Development and Delivery in Nepal and Malawi, which is part of a research grant awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council/DfID to the University of Edinburgh (UoE) for the project.

Through its focus on the role and functions of different types of institutions and professionals who broker health sector development projects and programmes, the research aims to understand the nature of mediation and translation involved in that process and the difference these actors make in meeting the global development objectives. Moving beyond the ideological positions and arguments that defend or condemn this ‘neoliberalisation’ of aid, this research will focus on the role and functions of intermediaries that broker the delivery of aid by UKaid and USAID in the Maternal Child Health sector in Nepal and Malawi. A key objective of the research is to investigate what donors can do to make these intermediaries more effective, or how can they best engage with intermediaries as emerging development actors?

This is led by a research group at the UoE with Social Science Baha as the institutional partner in Nepal. Members of the research team belong to the Department of Social Anthropology and the School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh. The research team include Dr Ian Harper and Dr Jeevan Sharma (Department of Social Anthropology, UoE) Prof. Pam Smith and Dr Radha Adhikari (School of Health in Social Science, UoE), Deepak Thapa (Social Science Baha) and Dr Address Malata (Kamuzu College of Nursing).

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