Social Science Baha

Social Science Baha (SSB) is an independent, non-profit organisation set up with the objective of promoting and enhancing the study of and research in the social sciences in Nepal. Established on 1 January 2002 with the primary focus of starting a social science library, the SSB has since diversified its activities and taken up other activities as well, namely, i) hosting lectures, discussions, workshops, and conferences; ii) publishing books, occasional papers and journals; and iii) conducting research.


  • ​The Mahesh Chandra Regmi Lecture 2017

    October 12, 2017

    The Mahesh Chandra Regmi Lecture 2017

    David Holmberg
    (Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Cornell University)

    Ethnography, History, Culture
    Enduring Oppositions and Creative Dynamism in Nepal

    ​2.30 pm, 11 December, 2017 (Monday)
    Kumari Hall, Hotel Annapurna, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu


    September 11, 2017

    organised by
    Social Science Baha, Association for Nepal and Himalayan StudiesBritain-Nepal Academic Council
    Centre for Himalayan Studies-CNRS & Nepal Academic Network (Japan)

    The Seventh Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya
    25-27, July 2018 

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  • Recent Publications

    September 8, 2017

    Gender and Nepal’s transition from war
    Author(s): Jeevan Baniya, Sambriddhi Kharel, Deepak Thapa and Alexander Ramsbotham
    Published Date: September 2017
    Published by: Conciliation Resources

    This report summarises discussions from a workshop to explore gender relations and equality and Nepal’s transition from war. Focus areas include: affirmative gender action in the transition; gender perspectives on security sector reform, access to justice and political participation; gendered experiences, expectations and priorities of marginalised groups; how different identities intersect; and the role of international support. A short case study of the period of intense political change that followed the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal provides an illustrative example of opportunities and challenges. Conciliation Resources is an independent international organisation working with people in conflict to prevent violence, resolve conflicts and promote peaceful societies. Accord spotlight presents focused analysis of key themes for peace and transition practice.

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    Governing Labour Migration in Nepal
    An Analysis of Existing Policies and Institutional Mechanisms

    Author(s): Bandita Sijapati and Amrita Limbu
    Published Date: August 2017
    Published by: CESLAM

    Governing Labour Migration in Nepal looks at the legal and policy framework that regulates migrant labour originating in Nepal. It examines the country’s laws related to foreign employment, bilateral agreements signed with destination countries and international conventions ratified, all of which directly or indirectly govern labour migration from Nepal. Analysing the implications and relevance of the legal and policy regimes currently in place and identifying the gaps therein, the book provides recommendations to help in the convergence of the welfare and rights standards enshrined in the various instruments. This volume will be a valuable addition to the literature on foreign labour migration, a subject that is gaining greater significance the world over. First published in 2012, the book has been updated to reflect all developments till the time of its publication in August 2017.

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