The papers contained in this volume were presented at the Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya, 18 to 21 July, 2012, organised by Social Science Baha, the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies and the Britain-Nepal Academic Council.


Tragedy of Consensus: Crisis in Local democracy and Options for Improved Local Governance
Hari Dhungana & Gunjan Dhakal

A Meeting Space for the Living and the Ancestors: The Chautaara among the Bahing Rai of Eastern Nepal
Claire Femenias

Representation of the Maoist Insurgency in Yug Pathak’s Novel Urgenko Ghoda
Dinesh Kafle

Education as a Poisoned Chalice: The Chepang Experience in Nepal
Shrochis Karki

The Historical Development of Nepali Magazines (1899-1960)
Ananta Koirala, Deepak Aryal & Shamik Mishra

‘We the Janajatis’: Activism of Inap Weekly for Newars and Pan-Janjati Movement in Nepal (1980-1990)
Harsha Man Maharjan

Non-electoral Representation in Public Policy: Institutional Capacity of Community
Electricity User Groups in Nepal
Saumitra Neupane

‘Objectionable Content’: The Policing of Nepali Print Media during the 1950s
Lokranjan Parajuli

Remittances, Stability, and Stagnation in Nepal
Jacob Rinck

Stability in Transition
James Sharrock

Walking with the Ancestors: ‘Localising’ Religious Tradition and Ethnic Identity among the
Dumi Rai of Eastern Nepal
Alban von Stockhausen

Dancing Who We Are: The Embodiment of Rai Ethnic Identity in Sakela Performance
Marion Wettstein


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