Social Science Baha



Funding Agency : UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
Collaborating Partner : Durham University, BBC Action Media, NSET, Northumbria University, The University of Auckland, Oxford University, Tribhuvan University, University of British Columbia, ADDRN, University of Bristol, University of Newcastle, University of Canterbury, UNRCO Nepal
In the Sajag-Nepal project, we examine how to use local knowledge and new interdisciplinary science to inform better decision making and reduce the impacts of multi-hazards in mountain countries. We focus on Nepal, which experiences a range of hazards resulting from earthquakes and monsoon rainfall. Nepal is also undergoing complex social, political, and economic changes as it moves to a federal system of government. Our project is grounded within long-term community-based work with rural residents in Nepal, and reflects their articulations of the need to make better decisions to reduce the risks that they face. It also builds on experience of assessing and planning for earthquake and landslide risk with the Government of Nepal, the United Nations and other humanitarian organisations, and householders themselves.