Social Science Baha


Analysis and Reporting on Civic Space and Engagement in Nepal

Funding Agency : USAID
Collaborating Partner : FHI 360

The main objective of this study is to assess the impacts and contribution of the Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project (CS:MAP) on enhancing and promoting inclusive, participatory and effective governance through civic engagement. It tries to address the broad questions about how and whether civil society and the media are advancing public interests in the programme intervention areas. The more specific objectives of the study are:
● to identify how the project interventions have contributed to aligning laws and policies with human rights and principles of gender and social inclusion;
● to explore how and to what extent the project has contributed to ensuring and strengthening public participation and accountability in public service delivery at the local level; and
● to understand whether and how the capacities and influences of civil society and media have transformed and to what extent they are contributing to the improvement of local governance.