Shiva Rijal

Urban Space as a Stage for Performances
Niels Gutschow

Open Spaces of Kathmandu Valley Towns: Historic Structures and Their Evolution
Mohan Pant

Territory, Death and Local Deities in Newar Villages of the Kathmandu Valley (Nepal)
Gérard Toffin

Public Spaces: Between Tradition and Modernity
Shreemanjari Tamrakar

Traditional Open Spaces of the Valley: A Search for Multi-Cultural Urbanism
Sudarshan Raj Tiwari

Open Space in Nepal Mandala: A Personal Quest for Theatre
Abhi Subedi

Bhedasingh: A Public Open Space in Kathmandu
Bharat Sharma

Public Spaces in Today’s Metropolitan Structure
Biresh Shah

The Open Spaces of Kathmandu Valley: A Cultural Landscape Perspective
Pratyush Shankar

From Palace to Open Space: Redefining Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square and Urbanisms in Kathmandu
Shiva Rijal

60 Years of Heritage Management: Initiatives of the State and Non-state Actors
Ramesh Rai

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