The papers contained in this volume were presented at the Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya, 22 to 24 July, 2015, organised by Social Science Baha, the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, Britain-Nepal Academic Council, and Centre for Himalayan Studies – CNRS.


Interactions between Customary Institutions and Local Elections in Dolpo
Tashi Tsering Ghale

Water Catchments and Water Users: Negotiations and Other Mechanisms for Water Security in the Urbanising Himalaya
Tikeshwari Joshi, Chetan Agarwal & Kaustuv Raj Neupane

Climate Change, Crops, Livestock, and Human Relations to Food Sovereignty among the Loba of Nepal
Man Bahadur Khattri

The Issues and Impacts of Social Security Benefits Programme and Citizenship on Elderly People
Prapanna Maskey

Bullet vs ‘Bullet’: An Ethnographic Study of the Perceptions of Youths in Transition in Nepal
Ravindra Chandrasiri Palliyaguruge

Participatory Democracy and Federalisation in Nepal: What Does It Mean for the Feminist Political Agenda?
Binda Pandey

Being in the Shadow of Death: Existential Reflections on Mortality as a Modality of Being-in-the-World in
the Sinja Valley of Western Nepal
Samuele Poletti

Music for Peace: A Study of a Music Education Programme in Udayapur District of Nepal
Prabin Nanicha Shrestha

Breaking the Silence Shrouding Violence against Women & Girls: Political Accountability towards Women’s Human Rights
Madhuri R. Singh

Mediating the Migrant Experience: Dukha, Viraha, and Nostalgia in Nepali Lok Dohorī Songs
Anna Stirr

Culture as Patrimony and Heritage: A Preliminary Study of Ethnographic Museums in Nepal
Gérard Toffin

The Role of Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support from NGOs: Reflections from Post-Conflict Nepal
Nawaraj Upadhaya, Nagendra P. Luitel, Suraj Koirala, Ramesh P. Adhikari, Dristy Gurung, Pragya Shrestha,
Wietse A. Tol, Brandon A. Kohrt & Mark J.D. Jordans

From Mystification to the Marketplace: The Changing Contours of the Māita in Nepali Tij Songs
Balram Uprety

A Hitherto Undiscovered and Unstudied Newari Manuscript of a Maithili Bārahamāsā Song by King Jagatprakāśamalla of Bhaktapur: A Preliminary Analysis
Ramawatar Yadav


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