The papers contained in this volume were presented at the Annual KathmanduConference on Nepal and the  Himalaya, 24-26 July, 2013, organised by Social Science Baha, the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies and the Britain-Nepal Academic Council.


Cultural Politics in the Markets: Case from Inter-Caste Negotiations at Meat Business in Kathmandu
Kanako Nakagawa

From Controlling Access to Crafting Minds: Experiments in Education in Rana Era Nepal
Lokranjan Parajuli

Decentralising the Farmer-to-Farmer Extension Approach to the Local Level: Challenges and Learnings
Soma Kumari Rana and Shiva Kumar Shrestha

Modernity Prior to the Era of Development: Water Supply, Forest Management and
‘Progress’ during the Rana Period
Sudhindra Sharma and Bandana Gyawali

Paul Collier and Nepal’s Prospects for Coming out of the Conflict Trap
Khem Raj Shreesh and Sudhindra Sharma

Mobilising for What: A Discursive History of Nepal’s Youth Policy
Amanda Snellinger

Politics of Nature Conservation and Space: National Park, River, and Sonaha Ethnic Minorities
Sudeep Jana Thing

Caste in Contemporary Nepal: Hierarchy and Equality
Gérard Toffin


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