Social Science Baha

World Bank – Peace Filter

Collaborating partner(s): The World Bank
Project duration: 15 August 2010 to 28 February 2011

Social Science Baha worked with the World Bank (WB) to develop a ‘peace filter’ in an attempt to strengthen their initiatives by eliminating obstacles emerging in the socio-political climate of post-conflict Nepali society that might otherwise reverse the gains of promoting peace and development. The objective of the ‘peace filter’ was to ‘identify, understand and mitigate the sources of conflict during project design and implementation’. The research identified social and political dynamics within communities in the project area for any potential for violence as well as analyse how the WB projects might trigger conflict in the project areas by challenging the existing power-structures exacerbating the state of conflict. The project provided guidance and support to WB teams after careful analysis of the causes and effect of the conflict situation.