Social Science Baha

Toni Hagen Fellowships 2010

Invitation for Applications

The Toni Hagen Foundation, Nepal, invites applications for the Toni Hagen Fellowship in the Social Sciences and the Toni Hagen Fellowship in the Natural Sciences.

The Toni Hagen Fellow in the Social Sciences at the Social Science Baha and the Toni Hagen Fellow in the Natural Sciences will be based at Resources Himalaya ( These are post-graduate fellowships and the selected Fellows will work under a senior researcher in the areas outlined below. Only those whose interests are compatible with the research subject should consider applying.

Eligibility: Fellowship is open to candidates from the marginalised groups
Educational qualification: Master’s or four-year bachelor’s degree
Length of fellowship: One year
Benefits: Rs 12,000/month plus field expenses

Research areas:

Social sciences—Hari Sharma of Social Science Baha will lead the study on the transformation of Nepali nationalism.

Nepal is passing through multiple transitions is all spheres of social and political life. Major debates and contestations revolve around the idea of a ‘New Nepal’ which challenges the basic assumption of Nepali nationalism and citizenship. Different factors—mobilization of excluded groups, loosening of traditional elites’ political control, and polarization around ethno-national identities—have shaped how trajectories of nationalism and citizenship unfurl over time. Theories of nationalism have developed an interesting set of arguments, linking the emergence of nations as imagined communities, modernity and the rise of industrialism, the spread of print capitalism, and the consolidation of modern states. These theories, however, do not address historical transformation of nationalism. They remain rather silent on explaining how nationalism discourses are contested and how new set of claims are emerged. The research would look into a state-focused theoretical framework, centred on conflicts between state and social movements, to examine the transformation in the meaning of nationalism in the context of Nepal.

Natural sciences—Dr Pralad Yonzon of Resources Himalaya will lead a study of community forestry in Dolakha district.

Mountain community forests are at the center stage of long-term forest conservation In Nepal, where the state retains ownership and communities hold the rights to use forests resources with their own management decisions. To understand the social, economical and ecological dimensions of mountain forests, the entire Dolakha District has been chosen as a study site. Dolakha has about 60% of its area (2191 km2) under forest cover and the need is to understand the spatial distribution of patches of community forests. There are some 335 forest user groups who manage 375 km2 of forest. Thus, the proposed study will provide a greater understanding of the temporal relation between management practices, revenue generation and forest patch size. Methods include remote sensing, GIS, stratified random sampling and user group discussions. The outcome is expected to highlight best practices of sustainable use of forest resources, revenue generation and sharing for household-level livelihood, quantitative measure of biodiversity conservation, and its role in climate change through carbon sequestration. Applicants must have work experience to work independently on forest sampling, vegetation ecology, GIS and remote sensing.

Applicants are required to fill out the application form available from the Toni Hagen Foundation office, and can also be downloaded here, and submit it along with a 800-word essay on why they consider themselves eligible for the fellowships.

Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview.

Note: This is not a job opening but a fellowship that provides an opportunity to work closely with a senior scholar for a whole year.

Toni Hagen Foundation
c/o Himal Association
Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur
Phone: 5542544

Application deadline: 24 December, 2010
Commencement of fellowship: 15 January, 2011