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Tek Bahadur Dong

Research Associate

Born in a remote village of Kavre district, Nepal, Tek Bahadur Dong completed his Masters of Philosophy in Anthropology from the Central Department of Anthropology, TU. He has worked in different research institutions, organizations and has been engaging in the tourism industry since 1998. His areas of research interest in anthropology of tourism, disaster, caste, ethnicity, and affirmative action issues.  He has presented the papers in national and international conferences. As an outcome of his works, he has published articles namely: 1) Cultural Tourism: An Ethnographic Study of Homestay in Briddim Village, Nepal. The Gaze, Journal of Tourism and Hospitality, Vol. 11 (1) 2020; 2) Tamang Dashain Celebration and Production of Doxa: An Indigenous Perspective, Social Science Baha. 2019. Conference Proceedings 2016: The Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya; and 3) Social inequality in the civil service and a review of affirmative action in Nepal, The South Asianist 4 (2) 2016. Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh.

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