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Monalisa Maharjan

Research Fellow

Monalisa Maharjan holds a master’s in Human and Natural Resources Studies from Kathmandu University in Nepal. Her master’s thesis research was about the social conflicts within the private houses in the cities within Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Sites. She did her PhD in Art History from the University of Évora, supported by an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Her PhD was focused on the indigenous practice of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and linking tangible and intangible heritage with the case study of Kathmandu. Furthermore, she has worked as a researcher at the UNESCO Chair for Intangible Cultural Heritage and Traditional Know-how and CIDEHUS (Centro Interdisciplinar de História, Culturas e Sociedades da Universidade de Évora) in Portugal. Her recent work was on Anthropology of Inscriptions with the Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP), an affiliate of the University of Heidelberg. She is also a member of various international organizations working in heritage, including ICOMOS and the ACHS (Association of Critical Heritage Studies).