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Jeevan Baniya

Assistant Director

Jeevan Baniya has an MA from GSIS Ajou University, South Korea, and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Oslo, Norway. He has been serving as a faculty member at Tribhuvan University where he teaches master’s and PhD degree courses and supervises students in dissertation work.

He served as an expert in a task force on migration, formed by the Ministry for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Government of Nepal. He also provided technical support as a Social Inclusion and Grievance Advisor to the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), Government of Nepal. He has also supported the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Nepal, as an expert member. As a member of the international advisory board for ILO’s projects: From Research to Action: Using Knowledge to Accelerate Progress in the Elimination of Child Labour and Force Labour (R2A) and Measurement, Awareness-Raising, and Policy Engagement (MAP16), he has provided technical and strategic advice and guidance in child labour and forced labour-related research, and engaged in wider policy dialogue on these issues.  He has also served as expert member in Working Group for developing 8.7 Policy Guide Working, United Nations University, Centre for Policy Research,

His academic interests include public policy, democracy and development, state-society relations, governance, labour and migration, disaster, and gender and social inclusion (GESI), among others. 



Peer Reviewed Book/Book Chapter

  • ‘Civil Society, Social Movements and Democratization: A Case Study of Nepal’, PhD diss., Faculty of Social Science University of Oslo Norway, 2014. 
  • ‘Living in Limbo: Tibetan and Bhitanese Refugees in Nepal’ (co-author), in South Asia State of Minorities Report 2019: Migrants, Refugees and the Stateless, South Asia Collective, 2020. 
  • ‘A Country of Minorities’ (co-author), in South Asia State of Minorities Report 2016: Mapping the Terrain, South Asia Collective, New Delhi, 2017.
  • ‘The Journey of Civil Society on the Road of Social Movements in Nepal’, in From Unity to Multiplicities: Social Movement Transformation and Democratization in Asia, edited by Cho Hee-Yeon, Andrew Aeria and Song-Woo Hur, SIRD Malaysia, 2012. 
  • ‘Disaster, Deceptions, Dislocations: Reflections from an Integrated Settlement Project in Nepal’, (co-author), in Michael Hutt, Mark Liechty, Stefanie Lotter (eds.), Cambridge University Press, forthcoming. 
  • ‘Humanitarian Responses of I/NGOs in Nepal’s Post 2015 Gorkha Earthquake: Empirical Evidence from Gorkha, Sindhupalchok and Southern Lalitpur’ (co-author), in Michael Hutt, Mark Liechty, Stefanie Lotter (eds.), Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.   
  • ‘Expertise, Labour and Mobility in Nepal’s Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Law, Construction and Finance as Domains of Social Transformation’ (co-author), in Michael Hutt, Mark Liechty, Stefanie Lotter (eds.), Cambridge University Press, forthcoming. 

Selected Research Paper

  • COVID-19 and Nepali Labour Migrants: Impact and Responses, (Co-Author, Research Paper. Kathmandu: Center for the Study of Labour and Mobility, 2020). 
  • Kovid-19 Mahamariko Chapetama Nepali Aaprabasi Shramikko Adhikaar (‘Rights of Nepali Migrant Workers in the Clutches of the COVID-19 Pandemic’) (Co-author, Research Report). National Human Rights Commission, Nepal 2020.  
  • Children in Emergencies: Situation Analysis and Policy Review (co-author), Social Science Baha and Save the Children, Kathmandu, 2020.
  • Reconstructing Nepal: Bhaktapur – Heritage and Urban Reconstruction (co-author), Social Science Baha, Kathmandu, 2020.
  • Nepal Labour Migration Report 2020 (contributing member), Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Government of Nepal, 2020.  
  • Advancing Workers’ Rights under SDGs: Policy and Situational Analysis of Decent Work in Nepal (co-author), Solidarity Centre and Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility, Social Science Baha, Kathmandu, 2019.
  • Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction Research: A Scoping Study (co-author), IMC Worldwide/DAI, 2019.
  • Reconstructing Nepal: Post Earthquake Experiences from Bhaktapur, Dhading and Sindhupalchowk (co-author), Social Science Baha, Kathmandu, 2019.
  • Returning Home: Challenges and Opportunities for Women Migrant Workers in the Nepali Labour Market (co-author), UN Women, 2018.
  • Gender and Nepal’s Transition from War (co-author), Conciliation Resources, London, 2017.
  • Labour Migration and Remittance Economy: The Socio-Political Impact (co-author), Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility, Social Science Baha, and The Asia Foundation, Kathmandu, 2017.
  • Migration of Health Workers from Nepal (co-author), ILO, 2017.
  • Torture and Ill-Treatment: Perceptions, Experience and Justice-seeking in Kathmandu’s Squatter Communities (co-author), Dignity, the Danish Institute Against Torture, Social Science Baha and University of Edinburgh, 2016. 
  • Disaster, Disabilities & Differences: A Study of Challenges Faced by the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Post-Earthquake Nepal (co-author), Social Science Baha/UNDP, 2016. 
  • Migration and Resilience: Experiences from Nepal’s Earthquake (co-author), Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility, Social Science Baha, Kathmandu, 2015.