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Anisha Bhattarai

Senior Research Associate

Anisha Bhattarai received the Suman Rijal Medal (gold medal) for her MA in Anthropology from Tribhuvan University and her master’s thesis was published as ‘Changing Affinal Relations among the Bahuns: An Ethnographic Study of Kinship Practice through Bahun-Newar Intermarriage’ (2018) in Laya Prasad Uprety et al (eds.), Contemporary Nepali Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Reader. She has been involved in research in areas such as migration and violence, returnee women migrants, gender‑based violence, labour management, social protection, disaster and its implications on culture, maternal and neonatal health, culture, and sanitation and hygiene.

She is the Secretary General for MusicArt Society, an organisation providing free music education to children belonging to low income families.

Her areas of interest include gender, culture, environment, health and education. She likes to write on social issues. She occasionally writes for The Kathmandu Post.