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Seminar with Trevor Birkenholtz

Trevor Birkenholtz
Is Water a Human Right?

Time: 9.30 am to 3.30 pm | Date: 2 July 2018 (Monday)
Location: Nepa School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Chabahil, Kathmandu

9:30–11:00 am
Session 1: Why a Human Right to Water?
Sultana, F., & Loftus, A. (2012). The Right to Water: Prospects and possibilities. In F. Sultana & A. Loftus (Eds.), The Right to Water: Politics, governance, and social struggles (pp. 1-18). London & New York: Earthscan
Gleick, P. H. (2007 (1998)). The human right to water. Water Policy, 1(5),

11 am: Break

11:30 am–1 pm
Session 2: Key Debates: Commodification, Dispossession, Equity and Gender
Bakker, K. (2007). The ‘commons’ versus the ‘commodity’: Alter-globalization, anti-privatization and the human right to water in the global south. Antipode, 39(3), 430-455.
Goff, M., & Crow, B. (2014). What is water equity? The unfortunate consequences of a global focus on ‘drinking water’. Water International, 39(2), 159-171.
Mehta, L., Allouche, J., Nicol, A., & Walnycki, A. (2014). Global environmental justice and the right to water: The case of peri-urban Cochabamba and Delhi. Geoforum, 54, 158-166

1–2 pm: Break
2–3:30 pm
Session III: Towards Global Water Justice
Sultana, F., & Loftus, A. (2015). The Human Right to Water: Critiques and Condition of Possibility. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-Water, 2(2), 97-105.
Loftus, A. (2015). Water (in)security: securing the right to water. Geographical Journal, 181(4)

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