Social Science Baha

Rubina Saigol

Rubina Saigol received her PhD in Education and Development from the University of Rochester and her MA in Development Psychology from Columbia University. She is currently an independent researcher engaged in projects on religions and development, and ethno-nationalism and the partition. She has authored and edited several books and papers in English and Urdu on education, nationalism, the state, ethnicity, religious radicalism, terrorism, feminism and human rights. Some of her publications include Knowledge and Identity; Symbolic Violence; Locating the Self; Social Sciences in the 1990s; A Critical Appraisal of the Human Rights Movement; Enemies Within and Enemies Without: The Besieged Self in Pakistani Textbooks; Women and Resistance; Engendering the Nation-state; Aspects of Women and Development; Deconstructing Terrorism: Discourse and Death in Pakistan; Militarization, Nation and Gender; and Talibanization of Pakistan. Dr Saigol is a founder member of the Ajoka theater group and a columnist for the Express Tribune. She is an active member of Women’s Action Forum, Pakistan.