Social Science Baha

Technical Assistance in Resettlement and Rehabilitation in the Hydropower Sector

Funded by: The World Bank
Project duration: 24 June 2011 to 31 October 2011

The study was part of the Nepal Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) Technical Assistance (TA) that is being prepared at the request of the Government of Nepal. Two main areas within the research were: i) resettlement and rehabilitation; and ii) benefit sharing mechanisms in the hydropower sector in Nepal.  The main objectives of the resettlement and rehabilitation TA were to: i) assess the policies and institutional arrangements for addressing resettlement and rehabilitation in hydropower; ii) undertake a review of experiences of resettlement and rehabilitation; and iii) propose recommendations for policy and institutional reform. For the benefit sharing, the objectives were to: i) review policies and institutions for benefit sharing in Nepal; ii) review local and international experiences with benefit sharing mechanisms; and iii) based on consultations with stakeholders, propose mechanisms for benefit sharing in the hydropower sector in Nepal. Special focus was on highlighting underlying political economy aspects and proposing concrete measures for capacity strengthening.