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Regionalism and National Unity in Nepal

Regionalism and National Unity in Nepal
by Frederick H. Gaige

with an Introduction by Arjun Guneratne

Regionalism and National Unity in Nepal is Frederick H. Gaige’s acclaimed study of the Tarai and the Nepali state’s misdirected and ineffectual attempts at integrating the region into the national mainstream. The theme of the book remains as relevant three decades later, especially at a time when the very essence of Nepali nationalism is being questioned and new forms of co-existence are being negotiated. The introduction by Arjun Guneratne updates the reader on the social and political context in which the book is being re-issued besides highlighting some of the more pertinent issues now at stake in the Tarai, indications of which are scattered throughout Gaige’s book.

Thirty-four years after it was first published, Frederick Gaige’s Regionalism and National Unity in Nepal remains the single best introduction to the socio-political context of Tarai politics.
– From the Introduction by Arjun Guneratne, author of Many Tongues, One People:
The Making of Tharu Identity in Nepal

Praise for the first edition
With its facts and figures, … [this book] will provide useful background information to people interested in the economics of the tarai, as well as Nepalese politics.
– Patricia Caplan, Journal of Asian Studies

The book is a major contribution to our knowledge of Nepal.
– Werner Levi, Pacific Affairs

Gaige’s book … [is] a fine case study of a small developing country which is experiencing tensions between two of its major regional groups.
– Merrill R. Goodall, The American Political Science Review

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