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Radio Programme

Radio Programme ‘Asamaanta ra Sakaratmak Kadam’ (Inequality and Affirmative Action)

23 June onwards • Every Sunday 8 – 8.30 am • Radio Sagarmatha (102.4 MHz)

The conference ‘Inequality and Affirmative Action: Situation Nepal in Global Debates’ held in Kathmandu in July 2012, saw presentations on diverse topics by national and international scholars. The papers presented at the conference were summarised and translated and are now being published in three issues of Shikshak magazine as a special supplement. The Asar supplement of Shikshak can be accessed here.

Following this publication, the papers are being used to form the basis of a weekly half-hour radio programme on Radio Sagarmatha from 8–8.30 am every Sunday, starting on 23 June, 2013. The programme is also carried by 15 other radio stations to cover all of Nepal. Each radio programme will focus on one of the papers written about the various facets of inequality and affirmative action.

The radio programmes will feature Basanta Thapa, Dyuti Baral and Hari Sharma of Social Science Baha along with Mukta Singh Lama-Tamang of the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, and Hira Vishwakarma, Indepent Scholar, discussing the contents of the papers. Whenever possible, Nepali authors of the papers will join the show as guest speakers.

Since it is a live programme, callers can field questions to the presenters.
Please tune in and participate in this programme to be part of the debate that is of great relevance and importance to the Nepali public.

The archived shows can be accessed here.

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