Migration and Entrepreneurship in Nepal
with a focus on Youth: An Initial Analysis

This study was financed by the World Bank and prepared under the coordination of Stefania Abakerli (Task Manager, Senior Social Development Specialist, SASDS), jointly with Rajib Upadhya (Senior External Affairs Officer, SAREX), Bandita Sijapati (Social Development Specialist, SASDS), Keith Leslie (Senior Social Development Specialist, SASDS), Trishna Thapa (Communications Associate, SAREX) and Sulochana Nepali (Team Assistant, SASDI). Peer reviewers at concept note stage included Joanna De Berry (Senior Social Development Specialist, ECSSO) and Prafulla Pradhan (UN-Habitat Nepal). Peer reviewers at decision meeting stage include Mark Woodward (Lead Social Development Specialist, EASER), Joanna De Berry (Senior Social Development Specialist, ECSSO), Arsalan Alfred M. Ni (Regional IFC SME Ventures Coordinator for South Asia), and Navin Dahal (Private Sector Development Adviser, DfID Nepal).

The study was carried out by a team consisting of Deepak Thapa, Bimbika Basnett, Nabin Rawal and Shaileshwori Sharma of the independent, non-profit organization Social Science Baha. To ensure its relevance, the study scope and survey questionnaire benefited from the insights of a Nepalese youth organization, Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, which also organized the feedback consultations on the study’s findings and the gathering of recommendations offered. Arsalan Alfred M. Ni (Regional IFC SME Ventures Coordinator), Afrah Al-Ahmadi, (Senior Human Development Specialist, SASSP), Gabi George Afram (Senior Financial Economist, SASFP), Pavol Vajda (Senior Operations Officer, CSAAF), Anupa Pant (IFC Associate Operations Officer, CSASB), and Pablo Gottret (Sector Manager for Human Development, SASSP), provided invaluable comments during the conceptualization, design and conduction of the study.

The team is thankful to Maria Correia (Sector Manager for Social Development, SASDS) as well as Tahseen Sayed Khan (Country Manager for Nepal), Andras Horvai (Country Programme Coordinator, SACNA) and Johannes Widmann (Senior Country Officer, SACNA) for their overall guidance and support to this study.

Above all, the team would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation to all government officials, partners, businesses and respondents met, for openly sharing their views, thoughts, experiences and ideas on how best to nurture and support young entrepreneurs in Nepal.

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