The Interactive Mapping and Archive Project was created with the aim of mapping the cultural space of the Kathmandu Valley. The main goals of the project were to digitize the art- and theatre-related materials of the Valley and to bring together people from various walks of life—including painters, theatre artists, urban planners, and architects—to open a dialogue about the cities of Kathmandu. This publication includes essays by IMAP fellows, as well as other scholars, who used materials in the digital archive to write about the cities of Kathmandu. The essays included in this volume do not propose a grand meta-narrative about the fields of art and theatre or the city spaces that they examine. What they provide are a number of windows and perspectives from which to look at these areas and examine the shifting meanings of concepts such as modernity, globalization, and urbanization. It is hoped that such perspectives will invite still newer points of view and inspire scholars to do further research on the urban landscape of Kathmandu, its architecture, theatre, art and performances.


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