This paper was initially written for a conference on ‘social science in Nepal’ organised by the Institute for Social and Economic Transformation- Nepal in early 2003. Prof Padma Chandra Poudel of Tribhuvan University commented on this paper at the conference. His comments and suggestions, and those of other participants at the conference, were useful in improving the paper. Dr Rajendra Pradhan showed interest in the publication of this paper as part of the Occasional Paper Series of the Social Science Baha. In the course of revising the paper, Deepak Thapa edited the text and pointed out areas where revisions and updating were necessary. These helped greatly in making the manuscript more relevant. Manisha Khadka of the Social Science Baha also helped me in collecting the necessary information and literature on this subject. She held discussions with geographers and collected primary information on the status of geography education in Tribhuvan University. Prof Narendra Khanal had previously helped me in writing the paper by providing various information and literature. I thank all the friends and colleagues for helping me in writing and improving this paper. I am solely responsible for whatever flaws remain.


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