The papers contained in this volume were presented at the Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya, 26 to 28 July 2017, organised by Social Science Baha, the Association for Nepal and
Himalayan Studies, Britain-Nepal Academic Council, Centre for Himalayan Studies-CNRS and Nepal Academic Network (Japan).

Analysing the Construction of Gendered Work: A Case of Hotels, Resorts and Casinos in the Kathmandu Valley

Mona Shrestha Adhikari

Self-Help Group’s Effects on Women’s Empowerment
Bal Krishna Khadka, Pranay Ratna Sthaphit & Sudhindra Sharma

Responding to Disaster: Women’s Roles in Nepal’s Political Transition and Earthquake Recovery

Briana Mawby & Anna Applebaum

Perception of Gender Norms Transformed through Innovative Technology in the Sectors of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Case Studies from Nepal

Susheela Chatterjee Nepali & Kanchan Lama

Anxiety, Assertion and the Politics of Naming: The Making of ‘Assameli- Gorkha’

Sumit Kumar Sarma

Assessment of the Support to Education of Nepai Marginalised Girls
Shristi Sijapati

Local Faces and Places: Tourist Art and Representational Practices of Culture and Identity in Darjeeling
Agastaya Thapa

A Combined Analytical Narrative to Study the Politicisation of Irrigation Management in the Tarai: Critical Realism, Hydrosocial Theory and Sociotechnical Approach

Romain Valadaud

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