Social Science Baha


After the Earth’s Violent Sway: The Tangible and Intangible Legacies of a Natural Disaster

Collaborating Partner : SOAS, University of London

Project Description: Nepal emerged from a ten-year civil war in 2006, and the country’s main political players then embarked upon the long process of transition political transition. The 2015 earthquakes had a major impact upon this process. The project investigated and documented the long term cultural and political impacts of Nepal’s 2015 earthquakes. It explored the ways in which they influenced the ongoing political, media and literary discourse on a number of key cultural, social and political issues. It showed how the restoration of destroyed physical heritage is carried out. It also draws historical comparisons between the sociocultural and political impacts of the 2015 quakes and those of the major quakes that struck Nepal during earlier periods of political and cultural transition in 1833 and 1934. It also archives material to identify the permanent marks left by previous disasters.