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PhD Dissertations

The Social Science Baha Library is also the repository of a number of PhD dissertations earned from various universities around the world.

Social Science Baha would also like to request scholars who would like to donate their PhD dissertations either as hard copy or an electronic version to contact the Librarian, Jagadish Aryal at

1Acharya, Harihar PrasadProcesses of forest and pasture management in a Jirel community of highland NepalCornell University1990
2Acharya, Krishna PrasadNepalese student migration to foreign countries for higher education in the globalized contextKathmandu University2012
3Acharya, SanjayaPro-poor growth and liberalisation: CGE policy modelling for NepalErasmus University Rotterdam2006
4Acharya, SanjayaPoverty alleviation in Nepal through the promotion of the industrial employment and women empowermentHokkaido University2006
5Acharya, Sushan GautamEmpowerment, literacy, and community organization: a case study of self-help women’s groups in rural NepalUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst1999
6Adhikari, JagannathEthnicity, off-farm income and resource use in semi-subsistence farming system of Kaski District, NepalAustralian National University1995
7Adhikari, Surendra BirIt takes two to tango: couples’ preferences and fertility behaviour in NepalUniversity of Akron2002
8Adhikary, Kamal RajThe participation of the Magars in Nepalese developmentUniversity of Texas1993
9Ahearn, Laura MarieConsent and coercion: changing marriage practices among Magars in NepalUniversity of Michigan1994
10Akiko, MatsuyamaHealth seeking behavior of women and their families during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period in NepalThe Johns Hopkins University2002
11Allendorf, Terilyn DelphiLocal residents’ perceptions of protected areas in Nepal: beyond conflicts and economicsUniversity of Minnesota1999
12Aryal, Ram PrasadChanging age structures and future policy implications for NepalUniversity of Waikato2001
13Bajracharya, Hridaya RatnaNarrative approach to science teaching: bringing sociocultural and environmental contexts to school science in NepalUniversity of Alberta1995
14Banjade, ArjunCommunity radio in Nepal: a case study of community radio MadanpokharaOhio University2007
15Basnet, Govinda BahadurWater of discord, water of unity: an ethnographic study of the struggle for water rights in Upper Mustang, NepalThe University of Georgia2007
16Basnyat, Singha BahadurNepal-US relations, 1947-1989: a study of small power/great power interactionsGeorge Washington University1990
17Beine, David KarlEnsnared by AIDS: cultural models of AIDS and underlying cognitive illness schemata in NepalWashington State University2000
18Bhadra, Chandra KalaIntra-household gender analysis of work roles and distribution of resources: a pilot study in a Nepalese villageOregon State University1998
19Bhandari, Lok ManiThe role of power encounter in the growth of Christianity in NepalSchool of Theology and Center for Advance theological studies1999
20Bhatt, NinaKing of the jungle: an ethnographic study of identity, power, and politics among Nepali national park staffYale University2002
21Bhatta, Tara DattaEffect of simultaneous and successive second language learning on academic achievement of primary school children of Nepal in relation to their personal and environmental factorsPanjab University2009
22Bhattachan, Krishna BahadurPublic debate on development: sociological perspectives on the public philosophy of the development of Nepal, a dissertationUniversity of California1993
23Bhattarai, Badri PrasadThe effectiveness of foreign aid: a case study of NepalUniversity of Western Sydney2005
24Bhattarai, Ghanashyamनेपालको स्थानीय प्रशासनमा स्थानीय पदाधिकारीहरूको भूमिका (१७६८-१९५१ ई. सं.)Tribhuvan University2004
25Bhattarai, KeshavHousehold landownership and the use of forests in Bara district , central Tarai region of NepalIndiana University2001
26Bhattarai, PrakashThird-Party coordination in conflict resolution: views from third-party practitioners in the Maoist armed conflict of Nepal and the Moro conflict of the PhilippinesUniversity of Otago2014
27Bjӧrnehed, EmmaIdeas in conflict: the effect of frames in the Nepal conflict and peace processUppsala University2012
28Bledsoe, BrownwenWritten in stone: inscriptions of the Kathmandu Valley’s three kingdoms (vol.1)University of Chicago2004
29Blustain, Harvey StevenPower and ideology in a Nepalese villageYale University1977
30Boulay, Marc GuyChange in social networks, information-seeking, and contraceptive adoption among women in rural NepalJohns Hopkins University2000
31Burghart, RichardThe history of Janakpurdham: a study of asceticism and Hindu polityUniversity of London1978
32Cameron Mary MargaretOn the edge of the auspicious: the practice and meaning of gender and caste in rural Nepal’s low-caste households and societyMichigan State University1993
33Campbell, J. GabrielConsultations with Himalayan gods: a study of oracular religion and alternative values in Hindu JumlaColumbia University1978
34Castelino, PaulFactors influencing career choices of South Asian Americans: a path analysisLoyola University2004
35Chalise, Pushparajजनआन्दोलन २०४६ वि. सं.: सत्तासीन पक्षको रणनीतिTribhuvan University2000
36Chalmers, Rhoderick Alasdair Macdonald‘We Nepalis’: language, literature and the formation of a Nepali public sphere in India, 1914-1940University of London2004
37Chhetri, NaliniGlobal discourse and INGOs –implication for Nepal’s educational development: a qualitative studyPennsylvania State University2005
38Chhetri, Ram BahadurAdaptation of Tibetan refugees in Pokhara, Nepal: A study on persistence and changeUniversity of Hawaii1990
39Childs, Geoff HA cultural and historical analysis of demographic trends and family management strategies among the Tibetans of Nubri, NepalIndiana University1998
40Cooke, Merritt ToddThe people of Nyishang: identity, tradition and change in the Nepal-Tibet borderlandUniversity of California1985
41Croes, Kenneth DNature of nation: monarchy, development and culture in Nepal’s Annapurna Conservation Area ProjectPrinceton University2007
42Dahal, Dilli RamPoverty or plenty: innovative responses to population pressure in an eastern Nepalese hill communityUniversity Of Hawaii1983
43Dahal, Kamalaमध्यकालीन नेपालमा शिक्षाTribhuvan University2005
44Daniggelis, Ephrosine KathleenThe ‘Jangal’s hidden wealth: a survival strategy by foraging farmers in the upper Arun Valley, Eastern NepalUniversity of Hawaii1997
45Des Chene, Mary KatherineRelics of empire: a cultural history of the Gurkhas 1815-1987Stanford University1991
46Devkota, Surendra RStrong sustainability in Nepal: A structural economics approachRensselaer Polytechnic Institute2003
47Deyo, Lisa APerspectives on learning in the women’s economic and empowerment literacy program in NepalUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst2007
48Dhital, PurandharHousehold human and social capital and school enrollment in Chitwan, NepalPennsylvania State University2004
49Dhungel, Ramesh KumarPolitical history of the Kingdom of Lo/MustangColumbia University1999
50Diemberger, Hildegard Gemma MariaThe hidden valley of the Artemisia: Tibetan sacred geography as seen within a framework of representations of nature, society and cosmosUniversitat Wien1992
51Dreyfuss, Michele LynnAnemia and iron deficiency during pregnancy: etiologies and effects on birth outcomes in NepalJohns Hopkins University1998
52Durkin-Longley, Maureen SuzanneAyurveda in Nepal: a medical belief system in actionUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison1982
53Edmonds, Eric VAn empirical analysis of government programs in low and middle income countries: community forestry in Nepal and child allowances in SloveniaPrinceton University1999
54English, RichardGorkhali and Kiranti: political economy in the eastern hills of NepalNew School for Social Research1982
55Enslin, Elizabeth Mary WinonaThe dynamics of gender, class and caste in a women’s movement in rural NepalStanford University1990
56Eynon, Matthew JPalanquins, procreative power, and politics: case studies of Nepal, Taiwan, and JapanIndiana University1992
57Fortier, JanaBeyond Jajmani: the complexity of indigenous labor relations in Western NepalUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison1995
58Frohlick, Susan EA “world” of mountaineering: the transnationality of Mount Everest and other high Himalayan spaceYork University2001
59Fujikura, TatsuroDiscourses on awareness: development, social movements and the practices of freedom in Nepal (vol.1)University of Chicago2004
60Gajurel, Kishor POrganization of agricultural production and human fertilityPennsylvania State University2001
61Gallagher, Kathleen MaryToo poor to own: landlessness and the politics of surviving rural NepalHarvard University2006
62Galvin, Kathey-LeeLife after death: an ethnographic analysis of widowhood in urban NepalWashington State University2003
63Gautam, Chinta ManiAnthropogenic disturbance, floristic composition and diversity in the hill forests, Bharse Area, Gulmi District of NepalHokkaido University2005
64Ghimire, Dirgha JibiThe social context of first birth timing in NepalUniversity of Michigan2003
65Ghimire, Keshav Sharmaधनुषा जिल्लाका मैथिल ब्राह्मणहरू: एक अध्ययनTribhuvan University2004
66Gilbert, KateLegal rights and social strategies: an ethnographic history of family law in modern NepalYale University1993
67Giri, Birendra RajBonded labour in Nepal: life and work of children in communitiesThe Open University2009
68Giri, ManjulaThe 1990 pro-democracy revolution in Nepal: the inter play of gender caste, and party in rural and urban areasCity University of New York1996
69Glowski, Janice MProtection, power and politics: an iconographic study of Kumari Baha Mandala in KathmanduOhio State University2002
70Gombo, UgenTibetan refugee in the Kathmandu Valley: a study in socio- cultural change and continuity and the adaptation of population in exileState University of New York1985
71Grieve, Gregory PriceThe practice of everyday religion in Bhaktapur, NepalUniversity of Chicago2002
72Grigorenko, Donald CliffordThe moral vision of the Jharuwarashi ChhetrisTrinity International University2004
73Gubhaju, BinaUnderstanding women’s contraceptive decision-making dynamics in NepalPennsylvania State University2006
74Gurung, BarungA study of mountains, development and knowledge processes: the Mewahang Rai of East NepalUniversity of Hawaii1998
75Gurung, Shobha HamalWomen in factory-based and home-based carpet production in Nepal: beyond the formal and informal economyNorth Eastern University2003
76Gyanwaly, Ram PrasadInflationary process in Nepal: domestic and foreign forcesBanaras Hindu University2007
77Gyawali, BandanaAmbiguous bikãs: history of the concept of development in Nepal 1900-2006University of Helsinki2018
78Hargreaves, David JThe concept of intentional action in the grammar of Kathmandu NewariUniversity of Oregon1991
79Hausner, Sondra LeslieWandering in place: body, space and time for Hindu renouncersCornell University2002
80Hechler, William DEthnicity and natural resource use in the western Tarai region of NepalUniversity of Illinois2003
81Henderson, David RandolphCollected voices: echoes of harmony and discontent in the music of Kathmandu ValleyUniversity of Texas1998
82Hepburn, Sharon JeanTo see the world: vision, tourism, anthropological practice, and ethnic politics in NepalCornell University1997
83Hess, Julia MeredithStateless citizens: culture, nation and identity in the expanding Tibet diasporaUniversity of New Mexico2003
84Hieta, ErikEurope’s ‘White Indians’: the Sami and the making of the Finnish nationUniversity of California2006
85Hindman, HeatherStability in motion: expatriate women in Kathmandu, NepalUniversity of Chicago2003
86Hirsch, FrancineEmpire of nations: colonial technologies and the making of the Soviet Union, 1917-1939Princeton University1998
87Hofer, ThomasFloods in Bangladesh: a highland-lowland interaction?University of Berne1998
88Iltis, Linda LouiseThe Swasthani Vrata: Newar women and ritual in NepalUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison1985
89Ismail, FeyziThe consequences of co-option: NGOs, the left and social change in NepalUniversity of London2013
90Jacobson, CallaSociable poetics: representing and interpreting culture and difference in Nepal’s middle hillsUniversity of Texas1999
91James, SusanSatisfaction of sojourner couples residing in Nepal: the mediating role of social support and personal and couple resourcesUniversity of Ottawa1997
92Jayaraman, Tiruvalangadu KrishnamurthyStatic effects of a hypothetical customs union in the Indian sub-continentUniversity Of Hawaii1975
93Joshee, Jeetendra RajPublic versus private education: a comparative case study of a public and private school in NepalUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst1994
94Joshi, Arjun RMaternal schooling, maternal behaviour, and child health: a Nepalese case studyHarvard University1998
95Kanel, Nav RajLife-cycle analysis of household composition and family consumption behaviorUniversity Of Hawaii1991
96Kansakar, Vidya Bir SinghPopulation change in Nepal: a study of mobility during 1911-1961Patna University1974
97Kantha, Pramod KumarPartisan competition and democratic transition and consolidation in South Asia: a comparative study of democracy in India, Pakistan and NepalUniversity of Missouri-Columbia2000
98Kaplan, Aaron SAn exploration of the meaning of psychiatric symptomatology in rural NepalUniversity of Hawaii1999
99Kapoor, Dip PrakashParticipatory education and rural changeUniversity of Alberta1995
100Karki, Vishnu BPerceived antecedents and subsequent activities of primary school dropout in NepalGeorge Washington University2004
101Karmacharya, Dibya, ManInnovation in teacher education: a study of ‘on-the-spot’ in– service teacher education program in NepalFlorida State University1982
102Karn, Sujeet K.A case study of death and bereavement arising from political violence in NepalUniversity of Hull2012
103KC, ShyamSociety and infrastructure: geographical accessibility and its effects on enrollment in NepalUniversity of Maryland2007
104Khan, Chandra KantaTrans-Himalayan politics: China, Britain and Tibet, 1842-1914Pennsylvania State University1984
105Kharel, ArjunFemale labor migration and the restructuring of migration discourse: a study of female workers from Chitwan, NepalKansas State University2016
106Kharel, SambriddhiThe dialectics of identity and resistance among Dalits in NepalUniversity of Pittsburgh2010
107Koirala, Bidya NathSchooling and the Dalits of Nepal: a case study of Bungkot Dalit CommunityUniversity of Alberta1996
108Koirala, Govinda PForeign investment: impact on manufacturing industries in NepalNew York University1996
109Koirala, SanjuHydropower induced displacement in NepalUniversity of Otago2015
110Koirala, ShabnamExploring solutions at the intersection of education, immigration and transnationalism: efforts of the diaspora in Nepali social changeUniversity of California2004
111Kshetri, Nir BGlobalization of innovations: a multilevel-multimethod framework to explain diffusion and adoption of the internetUniversity of Rhode Island2003
112Kunreuther, Laura EllenDomestic archives: memory and home in KathmanduUniversity of Michigan2002
113Lahaussois, AimeeAspects of the grammar of Thulung Rai: an endangered Himalayan languageUniversity of California2002
114Lamichhane, ShreeramAn analysis of perspective on nonformal adult education: implications for NepalUniversity of Alberta1992
115Lawoti, MahendraExclusionary democratization multicultural society and political institutions in NepalUniversity of Pittsburgh2002
116Leech(III), Charles RussellTibetan Buddhist/Newari Buddhist interface in the Kathmandu ValleyUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison1990
117Leve, Lauren GContested nation/ Buddhist innovation: politics, piety, and personhood in Theravada Buddhism in NepalPrinceton University1999
118Levin, Joshua SInternational education in Nepal: a qualitative study of efforts to educate across cultural contextsniversity of Colorado2001
119Levine, Sarah EthelThe evolution of the Theravada nuns’ order of NepalHarvard University2001
120Levitt, Marta JoanFrom sickles to scissors: birth, traditional birth attendants and perinatal health development in rural NepalUniversity Of Hawaii1988
121Lewis, Todd ThorntonThe Tuladhars of Kathmandu: a study of Buddhist tradition in a Newar merchant communityColumbia University1984
122Lidke, Jeffrey SThe goddess within and beyond the three cities: Sakta Tantra and the paradox of power in Nepala-MandalaUniversity of California2000
123Liechty, MarkFashioning modernity in Kathmandu: mass media, consumer culture, and the middle class in NepalUniversity of Pennsylvania1994
124Lohani-Chase, Rama S.Women and gender in the Maoist people’s war in Nepal: militarism and dislocationThe State University of New Jersey2008
125Luitel, SamiraEmpowerment? What being literate means to Maithili women in NepalUniversity of Alberta1996
126Mahat, Prakash SExternal finance, domestic savings and economic growth in South AsiaSouthern Illinois University1997
127Mannathukkaren, NissimCommunism and the appropriation of modernity, Kerala, India: a critique of the subaltern studies and postcolonial theoryQueen’s University2006
128Martin, Terry DAn affirmative action empire: ethnicity and the Soviet State, 1923-1938University of Chicago1996
129Maskey, Nephil Matangi“Monetary and exchange rate policy for small developing countries: a case study of Nepal”Claremont Graduate University1998
130Masley, Mary AnnDeterminants of adult’s educational decision – making for girls in rural NepalPennsylvania State University1999
131Mathema, Madhuri“Improving rural women’s lives”: a case study in NepalStanford University1992
132Maycock, Matthew WilliamMasculinity, modernity and bonded labour: continuity and change amongst the kamaiya of Kailali District, far-west NepalUniversity of East Anglia2012
133Menon, NatashaCollective action and public goods: a study of urban neighborhoods in Kathmandu, NepalWashington University2006
134Michael, Bernardo AmmedeusSeparating the yam from the boulder: state making space, and the causes of the Anglo-Gorkha war of 1814-1816, a dissertationUniversity of Hawaii2001
135Minogue, Diane CatherineHimalayan power: the world bank as a third party in India- Nepal riparian negotiationsFletcher School of Law and Diplomacy1995
136Moffat, TinaGrowing up among the looms: the growth and nutrition of children living in a peri-urban environment in Kathmandu, NepalMcMaster University1998
137Moran, Peter KevinBuddhism observed: western travelers, Tibetan exiles, and the culture of Dharma in KathmanduUniversity of Washington1998
138Mullaney, Thomas ShawnComing to terms with the nation: ethnic classification and scientific statecraft in modern China, 1928-1954Columbia University2006
139Neidell, Shara GAgency from within: the power of relationships and women’s influence on contraceptive use in South AsiaUniversity of Pennsylvania1999
140Neill, Thomas OCarpets, markets and makers: culture and entrepreneurship in the Tibeto-Nepalese carpet industryMcMaster University1997
141Neupane, Bhanu RajaAssessment of capacity for water resources management: a case study of a small watershed in NepalWilfrid Laurier University1998
142Niraula, Tara NProfessional development needs of secondary school headmasters in NepalColumbia University2002
143Norman, Marie KamalaWhere the buffalo speaks English: tourism and caste dynamics in Pokhara, NepalUniversity of Pittsburgh1999
144Onta, Pratyoush RThe politics of bravery: a history of Nepali nationalismUniversity of Pennsylvania1996
145Pandey, BindaWomen empowerment in politics: a feminist inquiry of Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML)Kathmandu University2017
146Pant, Mahesh PrasadChanging faces of poverty in East NepalUniversity of Sussex2000
147Pant, Prakash DevInfant and child mortality in Nepal: socio-economic, demographic and cultural factorsAustralian National University1995
148Parajulee, Ramjee PThe external dimension of democratic transition in NepalGeorge Washington University1997
149Parker, Anne ZonneMulti-ethnic interface in Eastern Nepal: a culture change in Sidha PokhariUniversity of Oregon1991
150Paul, Katherine AnneWords on the wind: a study of Himalayan prayer flagsUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison2003
151Pearce, Lisa DThe multidimensional impact of religion on childbearing preferences and behaviour in NepalPennsylvania State University2000
152Pettigrew, JudithShamanic dialogue: history, representation and landscape in NepalUniversity of Cambridge1995
153Phayal, AnupMass fears, strong leaders and the risk of renewed conflict : three essays on post-conflict electionsUniversity of Kentucky2016
154Poudel, Madan RajTribhuvan University and its educational activities in NepalUniversity of North Texas1989
155Pradhan, Rajendra PdDomestic and cosmic rituals among the Hindu Newars of Kathmandu, NepalUniversity of Delhi1986
156Prasai, Sagar RTransnational migration-development nexus and the capability approach: reframing the linkagesUniversity of Illinois2005
157Rajbanshi, AshokSustainable livelihood pattern of marginal communities in peri-urban area: a case of Bajrayogini Village, Kathmandu DistrictTribhuvan University2009
158Rajbhandary, Sameer SthapitFertility and child mortality in Nepal: an econometric analysisUniversity of Colorado2000
159Rajouria, SunitaThe natural context of mother-toddler play interactions in a rural Nepali communityUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
160Ram, Ravi MadhirDeterminants of linear growth over the preschool-to-school-aged years in rural NepalJohns Hopkins University2003
161Regmi, Ashok RajThe role of group heterogeneity in collective action: a look at the intertie between irrigation and forests, case studies from Chitwan, NepalIndiana University2007
162Regmi, NarayanCurrency devaluation and trade balance: policy issues in Nepalese economic perspectiveSaint Louis University2000
163Rehnstrom, JoelThe impact and quality of the United Nations volunteers program: a case study of NepalThe Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy1998
164Rodseth, Lars ThomasTravel and transcendence: Lamaist expansion in the Himalayan kingdomsUniversity of Michigan1993
165Rogers, Clinton BryceThe re-emergence of an entrepreneurial community in the Himalayan highlands of Nepal: Commercial opportunity, cooperative venture financing, and competitive private enterprise in Manang (Nyishang)University of California2004
166Rothchild, Jennifer RenaeMoving beyond enrollment numbers: an in-depth look at gender inequality in schools in rural NepalAmerican University2002
167Russell, AndrewThe Yakha: culture, environment and development in East NepalUniversity of Oxford1992
168Saleeby, Patricia WelchExploring disability and poverty in Nepal: an application of the capability approachWashington University2005
169Sandberg, John FloydChild mortality, family building and social learning in a Nepalese mountain communityUniversity of Michigan2002
170Scheibler, GiovanniBuilding today in a historical context: Bhaktapur, NepalSwiss Federal Institute of Technology1982
171Shah, SaubhagyaA project of memoreality: transnational development and local activism among rural women in NepalHarvard University2004
172Shah, SukhdevMoney in Nepal: an analysis of the growth and fluctuations in the Nepalese money stock, 1957-1972University Of Hawaii1973
173Shakya, Yogendra BahadurGrassroots neoliberalism and the reconstitution of development in the 1990s: the case of the mainstreaming of the microfinance sector in Nepal and VietnamUniversity of Toronto2006
174Shankar, Anita VernekarIn search of the light in your eyes: anthropological and epidemiological perspectives of vitamin A deficiency in Nepali childrenCase Western Reserved University1995
175Sharma, AsleshaFemale participation in technical education in NepalSouthern Illinois University2000
176Sharma, Bharat RajCenter for Economic Development and Administration: a case study of institution building and development in NepalUniversity of Oklahoma1984
177Sharma, Jeevan RajMobility, pathology and livelihoods: an ethnography of forms of human mobility in/from NepalUniversity of Edinburgh2007
178Sharma, Manohar PRural credit-based institutions and subsistence consumption: an empirical study based on household data from NepalCornell University1998
179Sharma, Shankar PAgency costs, agricultural organization and development in NepalUniversity Of Hawaii1984
180Sharma, SitaHealth seeking behavior of Tamang womenGraduate School of Art and Sciences1997
181Sharma, Tanka NathThe role of technical education and vocational training in the boarder perspective of Nepal’s employment and training systemSouthern Illinois University1999
182Shepard, Joyce WolfSymbolic space in Newar cultureUniversity of Michigan1985
183Shivakoti, RichaMulti-Layered migration governance in Asia: lessons from Nepal and the PhilippinesNational University of Singapore2017
184Shneiderman, Sara BethRituals of ethnicity: migration, mixture and the making of Thangmi identity across Himalayan boardersCornell University2009
185Shrestha, Hemant KumarRegional integration in South Asia: potential and promiseUniversity of Connecticut2000
186Shrestha, NeeruForest control, development and state formation in NepalDalhousie University1999
187Shrestha, NivaWomen as formal and informal workers in the context of a transitional economy: the case of NepalUniversity of Chicago2001
188Shrestha, Omkar LalSome aspects of landlocked Nepal’s trade relations with India: 1960/61-1969/70University Of Hawaii1975
189Shrestha, VikasSustainable urban housing in Kathmandu, Nepal: proposals and evaluationsUniversity of California2001
190Sijapati, BanditaLearning democracy: political socialization, transnationalism and the Nepali diasporaSyracuse University2011
191Sijapati, BimbikaGender, institutions and development in natural resource governance: a study of community forestry in NepalThe London School of Economics and Political Science2008
192Sijapati, Megan AdamsonShaping Muslim identities: alterity, conflict and Islamic revival in NepalUniversity of California2007
193Silliman, Jael MirianBasic education for women: the promise fulfilled? A comparative analysis of five countriesColumbia University1987
194Singh, IndiraThe effects of the headmaster’s leadership on teacher job satisfaction and morale as perceived by the teachers in NepalColumbia University1984
195Singh, Madhuri RanaDomestic violence in Nepal: social, economic and psychological impact on womenWashington International University2008
196Smith, AmyCommunity forestry in Nepal: issues of power and empowermentCalifornia Institute of Integral Studies2004
197Smith, Cristine AWomen’s acquisition of literacy skills and health knowledge in Nepal: a comparative study of non- formal education approachesUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst1997
198Snellinger, Amanda ThereseTransfiguration of the political: Nepali student activism and the politics of acculturationCornell University2010
199Soubrouillard, BrigitA psychological study of the vision and treatment of mental illness by Nepalese shamansPacifica Graduate Institute1995
200Stallings, Joy FBiological and behavioral factors influencing caste differences in fertility in NepalEmory University1996
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215Thapaliya, Keshab DeepVoices of rural women in Nepal: impact of literacy on the lives of womenUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst2006
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