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Peace and Development Strategy, UNDP Consultation

Peace and Development Strategy
10 May, 2010, Kathmandu

The Peace and Development Strategy was developed by UNDP for a group of 13 major development partners of Nepal to identify ways in which these development partners can strengthen their support to peace over the short (18 months) and medium term (36 months). The Strategy also suggests how development support to peace could be made more effective through changes to the way in which that support is delivered.

The purpose of the consultation was to discuss Chapters 4 and 5 of the strategy, titled Priorities for Short-Term Peace Support and Actions for Medium to Long Term Peace Building, and to receive evaluation and feedback from amongst a group of Nepali as well as international scholars, government representatives, lawyers, social activists, and media representatives. The UN Resident Coordinator, Robert Piper, and representatives of other development partners were present at the consultation.