Social Science Baha

Past Fellowships

Toni Hagen Fellowship
In 2008, the Toni Hagen Fellowship was awarded to Amar Bahadur BK to team up with Rajendra Pradhan of the Social Science Baha. Amar worked with Dr Pradhan on the topic ‘The Making and Unmaking of Dalit Identity in Nepal’. He looked at how the Dalit identity has been formed, transformed, and understood in Nepal. His argument was that despite the efforts of Dalit leaders to form a unified and positive Dalit identity, its understanding is multiple, situational, and dynamic, depending on caste, class, gender, age, region, situation, etc, and also ordinary Dalits continue to suffer from the burden of this identity.

The Ford Foundation Fellowship
As part of its outreach activities, the Social Science Baha began a college fellowship programme with the support of the Ford Foundation. The objective of this fellowship was to offer college teachers from outside the capital region a six-month affiliation with the Baha in order to allow them time to conduct research on their topics of choice. In 2008, Thandi Ram Jamarkattel from the Faculty of Geography of Mahendra Multiple Campus, Nepalgunj, was selected for the fellowship. The programme was, however, discontinued because of the practical difficulty faced by prospective applicants in terms of securing leave of absence for the fellowship period from their colleges.

South Asia Research Fellowship Program
Between 2002 and 2005, the Baha partnered with the Social Science Research Council, New York, to run the South Asia Research Fellowship Program (SARFP). Annual fellowships were provided to university teachers whose proposals were accepted by the regional selection committee. The following were the research themes and the fellows selected from Nepal.
2005: ‘The Long 1950s’

  1. Yogesh Ram Mishra, Centre for Research in Social Defense Technology, Nepal Engineering College, Bhaktapur: ‘History as Mindscapes: Memory of the Peasants’ Movement of Nepal during the Long 1950s’
  2. Shiva Rijal, Department of English, Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University: ‘Modern Theatre in Nepal: A New Historical Reading’

2004: ‘Boundaries of Bodies, States and Societies’
No one was selected from Nepal
2003: ‘Migration’
No one was selected from Nepal

2002: ‘Resources and Society’
i) Krishna Prasad Poudel, Tribhuvan University, Nepal: ‘Resources and Society: A Study in the context of Nepalese Mountains’