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Om Gurung

Om Gurung has a PhD in anthropology from Cornell University. He is a Professor of Anthropology and Head of the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology (CDSA, TU). He has served as Visiting Professor at Cornell University; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Harvard University, Boston; and SOAS, London. Currently, he is the Coordinator of Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF)-funded ‘Social Inclusion Atlas and Ethnographic Profile’.

Prof. Gurung has written extensively on issues of indigeneity and inclusion. He is co-editor of Ethnicity and Federalisation in Nepal (2012) and co-authored Development of Nationalities: A Strategy Paper (2004). His recent works include ‘Indigenous Peoples and Peace-building Process in Nepal’ (forthcoming in Contribution to Nepalese Studies); ‘Social Inclusion: Policies and Practices in Nepal’ [inOccasional Papers in Sociology and Anthropology (2009)]; and ‘Political Conflict and Indigenous Peoples in Nepal’ [in Nepal in Conflict: Theoretical Underpinnings, Conflict Resolution, and Peace-building (2007)].

Prof. Gurung served as Coordinator of High-level Task Force for the Revision of Official List of Indigenous Peoples of Nepal. He was General Secretary and Chief Advisor of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) from 2004-2007 and 2007-2010 respectively.