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April 2019 | No 4

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Social science news from and about Nepal
April 2019 | No 4


The Mahesh Chandra Regmi Lecture 2019
Nepal and the Wealth of Knowledge: Inequality, Aspiration, Competition and Belonging
Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka
(Professor of Social Anthropology,
University of Bielefeld)
5 pm, 23 July 2019
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Call on Academic Colleagues
(not based in Nepal)
Do you plan to be in Kathmandu after 1 May 2019 and would like to present your completed research (i.e., meaning you have mostly processed the research findings and have a written draft to present to your peers in Nepal) at a seminar in Martin Chautari? 

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Full Text of some SINHAS Articles are
Full text of some original articles published in the back issues of Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS) can now be downloaded or read online. Book reviews published in these issues are freely available.

Call for Papers
Nepal Sociological Association welcomes participation in the conference
Sociology of Nepal: State Restructuring, Governance and Participation.
3-5 August 2019, Kathmandu
Submission deadline: 15 April 2019
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Rethinking the Himalayas
The Nordic Himalaya Research Network Conference is an event for researchers in the Nordic region and beyond who work on all aspects of research related to the
Himalaya region, spanning India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.
9 May 2019, University of Copenhagen
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Call for Papers
Kathmandu University School of Education
invites submission of abstracts
of research papers for the
International Conference on TVET for Employment, Income, and Job Quality
11- 12 September 2019, Kathmandu
Submission deadline: 30 April 2019
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Books and Journals

A Blessing for the Land
The Architecture, Art and History of a Buddhist Convent in Mustang, Nepal
John Harrison, Christian Luczanits, Charles Ramble & Nyima Drandul
Vajra Books, 2018
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Collection of Supreme Court
Judgment on Foreign Employment Cases

People Forum for Human Rights (People Forum), 2019
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Conflict, Education and the People’s War in Nepal
Sanjeev Rai
Routledge, 2018
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State, Society and Health in Nepal
Madhusudan Subedi
Routledge, 2018
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The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment  
Mountains, Climate Change, Sustainability and People
Edited by
Philippus Wester, Arabinda Mishra, Aditi Mukherji & Arun Bhakta Shrestha
Springer, Cham, 2019
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The Politics of Change
Reflections on Contemporary Nepal
Edited by
Deepak Thapa

Himal Books for
Social Science Baha & The Asia Foundation, 2019
English | Nepali



Returning Home
Challenges and Opportunities for Women Migrant Workers in The Nepali Labour Market
Bandita Sijapati, Ang Sanu Lama, Jeevan Baniya et al.
UN Women, 2019
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Book Chapters, Journal Articles, etc

Gender Inclusiveness in Disaster Risk Governance for Sustainable Recovery of 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal
Vineeta Thapa & Pairote Pathranarakul 
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 34, 2019
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Living Maoist Gender Ideology: Experiences of Women Ex-combatants in Nepal
Luna K.C. & Gemma Van Der Haar
International Feminist Journal of Politics, 2018
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Nepal in 2018
The Communist Majority and the Emergence and Decline of Hope within a Year
Mahendra Lawoti
Asian Survey, 59:1, 2019
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Re-negotiating the Mahakali Treaty in the Changing Geopolitics of Nepal

Nabraj Lama
International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 9:1, 2018
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Women as Decision Makers in Community Forest Management
Evidence from Nepal

Marinella Leone
Journal of Development Economics, 138, 2019

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Politics of Conservation, Moral Ecology and Resistance by the Sonaha Indigenous
Minorities of Nepal
Sudeep Jana Thing
In Moral Ecologies: Histories of Conservation, Dispossession and Resistance
Edited by Carl Griffin, Roy Jones & Iain Robertson
Palgrave Macmillan, 2019
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Transcending and Subverting Boundaries
Understanding the Dynamics of Street Art Scene in Nepal
Binit Gurung
In Intersections of Contemporary Art, Anthropology and Art History in South Asia: Decoding Visual Worlds
Edited by Sasanka Perera & Dev Nath Pathak
Palgrave Macmillan, 2019
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Nepal Earthquake 2015 and Its Aftermath
A Bibliographic Resource Guide
Jeevan Baniya & Amit Gautam
SOAS, University of London and Social Science Baha, 2019
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Shiva Regmika Prakashit Pustak
Ek Suchi
(in Nepali)
Compiled by Harsha Man Maharjan
Martin Chautari, 2019
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Some Recent Articles on Kathmandu
A Short Bibliography
Compiled by
Pratyoush Onta, Andrew Nelson, Benjamin Linder
& Mahesh Raj Maharjan
Martin Chautari, 2019 (version 4.0)
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‘Leaving something behind’ – Migration governance and agricultural & rural change in ‘home’ communities: comparative experience from Europe, Asia and Africa. This three-year research project seeks to explore the two-way interface between agrarian and environmental change in migrant-sending communities, offering comparative insights among seven countries–Nepal, China, Ethiopia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Morocco–where rural areas are affected by high internal and international
out-migration. In Nepal, the Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility (CESLAM) at Social Science Baha, the University of Birmingham and International Water Management Institute will play a key role in
the research.
Contacts: Arjun Kharel; Fraser Sugden

Luna K.C. was awarded a PhD degree from Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands. Her dissertation, ‘Conflict, Disaster and Changing Gender Roles in Nepal: Women’s Everyday Experiences’, is about women and changing gender roles in Nepal. In particular, it looked at how women experienced changes brought about by the Maoist conflict (1996-2006) and the ensuing peace process, focusing on changes in their roles and responsibilities, and examining both economic and familial hardships as well as new opportunities. It then asks similar questions about women affected by the 2015 earthquake that occurred while the country was still struggling with post-conflict recovery.
For more information, contact Luna K.C. at

Andrea de la Rubia was awarded a PhD degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. The title of her dissertation is ‘Modern Art of Nepal (1850-1990). Picturing a Nation, Performing an Identity’. This is an innovative historical reconstruction and critical analysis about the process of development of the avant-garde aesthetics in Nepali art promoted over the last centuries as a visual means of communication for the cultural definition of Nepal and its national identity.
For more information, contact the author at

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