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December 2018 | No 2

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December 2018 | No 2


Call for Applications
Reading Seminar on Science, Technology and Society/Policy: Search for Interdisciplinary Perspectives
This interdisciplinary seminar focuses on social, political and economic influences on scientific research and technological innovation and how these shape our society. The readings will approach scientific controversies through apertures such as discourse and media analysis, network analysis, the sociology of social/science movements and ICT studies. Particularly, the seminar will offer multiple perspectives on applying Science Technology Society (STS) theories and methods to Nepali cases. The seminar is led by Sohan Prasad Sha with guest scholars joining for various sessions. Application deadline: 25 December 2018.

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Call on Academics
(not based in Nepal)
If you plan to be in Kathmandu between 1 January 2019 and 28 February 2019 and would like to present your completed research (i.e., meaning you have mostly processed the research findings and have a written draft to present to your peers in Nepal), please consider giving a seminar at Martin Chautari.

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Call for Articles
Samaj Adhyayan
Martin Chautari announces call for articles for vol. 14 of its annual peer-reviewed  journal, Samaj Adhyayan. Topical coverage is broad including virtually all aspects of social sciences, anthropology, history and political sciences. Each issue comprises of scholarly contributions, though not limited to, consisting of original research-based articles, commentaries, academic reviews of books, interviews, bibliographies and historical manuscripts. The deadline for submission is 1 January 2019.
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Fourth Chautari Foundation Lecture
The Annual Chautari Foundation Lecture is much more than a celebratory event specific to Martin Chautari’s historical contribution to the culture of public debate in Nepal. Every Lecture is an occasion both of mature reflection on Nepal’s past trajectory and of stimulating debate on its future by some of the best public minds. Manjushree Thapa, one of Nepal’s preeminent English language writers, will deliver this year’s foundation lecture on Thursday, 27 December 2018. The title of the lecture is ‘On Shaky Ground: On Reconstructing a New Foundation for Nepali Literature’.

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Books and Journals

Crossing the Border to India
Youth, Migration, and Masculinities in Nepal
Jeevan R. Sharma
Temple University Press, July 2018
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Nepal National Governance Survey 2017/18
Nepal Administrative Staff College, 2018
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A Survey of the Nepali People in 2017
The Asia Foundation, 2018
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Book Chapters, Journal Articles, etc

Resilience and Disaster Governance
Some Insights from the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
Christie Lam and Rob Kuipers
International Journal of Disaster
Risk Reduction
, 2018
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Examining Agency in Agriculture
The Feminization Debate in Nepal
Hritika Rana, Mahesh Banskota and Sagar Raj Sharma
Journal of International Women’s Studies, 2018, 19:3
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Utopias of Youth
Politics of Class in Maoist
Post-Revolutionary Mobilisation

Exploring Women’s Work and Respectability
Dan V. Hirslund
Identities, 2018, 25:2
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Culture Wars
Post-Revolutionary Mobilisation in Nepal

Dan V. Hirslund
In Sporadically Radical: Ethnographies of Organised Violence and Militant Mobilization
edited by Steffen Jensen and Henrik Vigh, Museum Tusculanum Press, 2018

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Nepalese (New) Women Workers in the Hotel Industry
Exploring Women’s Work and Respectability

Mona Shrestha Adhikari
In Rethinking New Womanhood: Practices of Gender, Class, Culture and Religion in South Asia edited by Nazia Hussein, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018
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Geo-Logics of Power
Disaster Capitalism, Himalayan Materialities, and the Geopolitical Economy of Reconstruction in Post-Earthquake Nepal 
Dinesh Paudel and Philippe Le Billon
Geopolitics, 2018
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Marginalisation, Vulnerability and
Social Justice
Critical Considerations for Social Protection
Niti Foundation, September 2018

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Revisiting the Patriarchal Bargain
The Intergenerational Power Dynamics of Household Money Management in Rural Nepal
Lu Gram, Jolene Skordis-Worrall, Jenevieve Mannell, Dharma, S. Manandhar, Naomi Saville and Joanna Morrison
World Development, 2018, 112
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Do Participatory Learning and Action Women’s Groups Alone or Combined with Cash or Food Transfers Expand Women’s Agency in Rural Nepal?
Lu Gram, Joanna Morrison, Naomi Saville, Shyam Sundar Yadav, Bhim Shrestha, Dharma Manandhar, Anthony Costello and Jolene Skordis-Worrall
Environment and Urbanization, 30:1, 2018
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The Long-Term Impact of Community Mobilisation through Participatory Women’s Groups on Women’s Agency in the Household
A Follow-Up Study to the Makwanpur Trial
Lu Gram, Jolene Skordis-Worrall, Dharma S. Manandhar, Daniel Strachan, Joanna Morrison, Naomi Saville, David Osrin, Kirti M. Tumbahangphe, Anthony Costello and Michelle Heys
PLOS One, 2018
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Photo Essay
The photo essay gives a brief overview of the experiences of community members following the earthquakes of 2015. It consists of images taken by researchers Bina Limbu, Manoj Suji, Prakash Chandra Subedi and Nabin Rawal while conducting fieldwork in spring 2018 as part of the research project ‘Expertise, Labour, and Mobility in Nepal’s Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Construction, Finance, and Law as Domains of Social Transformation’.
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The politics of the post-conflict and
post-disaster nexus in Nepal
Elly Harrowell and Alpaslan Özerdem
Conflict, Security & Development, 2018, 18:3
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New Research project on Frontlines of Capital in the Construction Industry. Dan V. Hirslund, Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen, is embarking on a two-year research project financed by the Frontlines of Value project headed by Don Kalb at University of Bergen from November 1, 2018. The project explores links between class, construction and finance with a regional focus on Kathmandu. For more information, contact Dan V. Hirslund at

Resource Guide
Access to the research guide, Reconstructing Nepal: The 2015 Earthquakes and their aftermath, created as part of the research project Expertise, Labour, and Mobility in Nepal’s Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Construction, Finance, and Law as Domains of Social Transformation, contains links to English-language trans-disciplinary scholarly, governmental, and non-governmental textual and visual materials that address Nepal’s series of earthquakes in April and May 2015, and the ongoing responses and repercussions of those events on all of Nepal’s individuals, institutions, and regions.

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PhD Award
Bandana Gyawali was awarded a PhD degree by the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her dissertation, entitled ‘Ambiguous Bikās: History of the Concept of Development in Nepal 1900–2006’, explores the history of the modern sociopolitical concept of development as it was adopted in Nepal in the late Rana period of the 1920s and was semantically augmented in the successive political periods right up to the end of the Maoist ‘People’s War’ in 2006.
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