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“National Urban Policy 2007 and National Urban Development Strategy 2015: Why Do their Implementation Matter for the Urban Development Sector?” 

by Dr Mahendra Subba
24 February 2015, Tuesday: 3pm

Nepal has the highest urbanization rate in South Asia according to recent reports. This discussion series aims to address this development by promoting conversations and facilitating exchange for a more multifaceted understanding of urbanization. Touching on a variety of topics, the series will be of interest to groups and individuals working on or studying urbanization and related processes and issues such as land tenure security, access to basic services such as water and sanitation, accountable governance, housing/shelter rights, land rights, women’s rights and participation, political processes and conflict, resource management, and infrastructure development.

A platform for speakers from a variety of fields will be provided: governmental sectors, NGOs and INGOs, private businesses, community-based organizations, political parties, local tole/wada organizations, media houses, and academia/research organizations. Martin Chautari hopes to encourage discussions that will help raise, clarify, and problematize particular themes and issues related to urbanization and, over time, facilitate cooperation between participants to think about possible solutions to the host of challenges and contestations fostered by urban environments.

Organized by
Urban Discussion Group 
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