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Library opens conditionally

Dear library users,

We have decided to open our library conditionally from 22 February 2021 (Monday).

As the situation has not yet normalised and the safety of everyone using the library and the staff is a major concern, all necessary precautions will have to be taken. Accordingly, we have formulated some rule for users to strictly follow.

  1. Only FIVE users will be allowed into the library to allow conditions of social distancing.
  2. Each user will be allowed to stay in the library for a maximum of three hours. However, if the demand from users is low in any particular day or time, users can be allowed to stay in the library for longer.
  3. In order to ensure that this arrangement runs smoothly, users are requested to book their time to visit the library.
  4. All users will have to wear face masks fully while inside the library.
  5. We encourage you to bring your own laptop if you have to use online resources. We do have some computers in the library for those who cannot bring their laptops.
  6. The library reserves the right to cancel any appointment for any reason. Due notice will be provided in such cases though.

The inconvenience caused by this arrangement is regretted.

We hope to be able to open the library fully as and when the situation becomes normal.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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