Social Science Baha

Labour Migration: Impacts on Households in Parsa

Collaborating partners: The University of Oxford and Divya Youth Club, Parsa
March 2014

Centre for Study of Labour and Mobility (CESLAM) at Social Science Baha in collaboration with the University of Oxford conducted a survey on ‘Labour Migration: Impacts on Households’ in Parsa district. This survey was undertaken in an effort to shed light on the nuances in the facts and figures on migration from the Tarai region, which the National Surveys (NLSS, NLFS, Population Census) have, due to various constraints, not been able to do satisfactorily. The general unofficial consensus in the academic circles has been that migration from the Tarai is underrepresented in comparison to the Hills of Nepal. Hence, Oxford University and CESLAM conducted a population census of three VDCs in Parsa district that was focused particularly on acquiring information pertaining to migration. The findings of the study have been published in three volumes.