Social Science Baha

Feasibility Study on Missing Child Alert System

Collaborating partner(s): University of Leeds, UK 
November 2012

Centre for Study of Labour and Mobility at Social Science Baha undertook a desk research on anti-child trafficking alert system linking Bangladesh, India, and Nepal, in collaboration with the University of Leeds, UK. The system is focused on alerting relevant authorities to cases of suspected trafficking, tracing and identifying trafficked girls and boys, and facilitating rehabilitation and repatriation of child‑trafficking victims. The research involves a content analysis of the technical component of the proposed system. The primary objectives were to provide an overview of the opportunities, constraints, and risks associated with the establishment of such a system; to identify existing alert systems and assess their value in relation to the proposed project; to liaise with key actors in order to understand how the system would complement their work practices and ICT capacity; to create a specifications document that outlines the functionality high-level architecture and costs associated with building and running the system; and to recommend a timeframe and next steps for the development of the system.