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Discussion on The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Revolution in the Twenty-first Century

Discussion on The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal
edited by Mahendra Lawoti and Anuk K. Pahari
Discussants: Hari Roka, Prashant Jha and Seira Tamang
(organised in collaboration with Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS))
27 July, 2010, Kathmandu

The book looks at the dynamics and growth of a violent communist rebellion in the 21st century. It contextualises and explains why and how a violent Maoist insurgency grew in Nepal even as communism was in decline around the world after the end of the Cold War; and even after Nepal, a country many considered as Shangrila, had transitioned to democracy with economic indicators posting a positive trend. Hari Roka, Prashant Jha, and Seira Tamang each commented on the book while Professor Novel Kishore Rai released the special Nepal edition of the book.