Social Science Baha

Critical Thinking Program

Supported by: Open Society Institute, New York
Project duration: 19 November 2008 to 31 December 2010

Social Science Baha/Alliance for Social Dialogue with the support of Open Society Institute, New York, implemented the Critical Thinking (CT) Program in Nepal. The CT Program collaborated with the Faculty of Education (FoE), Tribhuvan University, and the National Centre for Education Development (NCED), Ministry of Education, with an aim to stimulate innovation, Creativity and critical thinking in education for active teaching learning practices in schools and universities.
In the first phase of the programme, the activities carried out comprised of a total of five 5-day-long workshops for pre-service teacher trainers (mostly the faculty of the Department of Education) and in-service teacher trainers (staffs from the national teacher training organisation, the National Centre for Education Development/NCED), half-day demonstration workshops on CT methodology to various stakeholders involved in the education sector, the translation of the book Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Thinking Classroom into the Nepali language, the development of a website and a baseline research entitled ‘Existing classroom teaching learning practices in Nepali classrooms’.
By the end of the CT Program in Nepal, 53 out of total 67 participants were certified as CT Trainers and 52 were certified as CT Certifiers. In turn, the participants have been highly committed to disseminating their leanings to other educators. One of such commitments is commendable–the inception of an NGO named Goreto Nepal established by a group of educationists and a few CT trainers with an aim of continuing the CT programme in Nepal. CT programme has thus been smoothly handed over to Goreto Nepal with the consent of OSI, ASD, SSB, NCED and FOE.