Social Science Baha

Exploratory Study to Inform the Centre for Inclusive Growth (CIG) Benefit Sharing Project

Collaborating partner(s): Centre for Inclusive Growth (CIG)
Project duration: 3 March 2013 to 14 June 2013

This research was carried out in conjunction with the Centre for Inclusive Growth (CIG), a DfID-financed project, carried out an exploratory study in four sample villages in Dandeldhura, Baitadi, Doti, and Bajhang that are affected by the West Seti Hydroelectric Project (WSHP). An assessment was done of the socio-economic situation and the ethnic composition of the communities likely to be affected as well as gathering of information on local governance structures and local level politics, institutional leadership dynamics, formal and informal institutions, and decision-making processes in those communities.
The purpose of the study was to generate recommendations that take into account the expectations of the local people, conflict risks, and power structures and dynamics. This will help in informing the design of an inclusive and effective consultative processes in the design of a benefit-sharing package, and guide resettlement and rehabilitation plans.