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As part of the Social Science Baha Lecture Series, the Baha has been providing a forum to local and visiting scholars to present their work and interact with the larger public in an open lecture format. The Lecture Series is a not a periodic event but rather is held whenever there is someone ready to make a presentation. The following are the lectures hosted by the Baha so far.
Note: Audio versions of lectures are available online from Lecture Series XXI onwards, and also available are abstracts from Lecture Series XI and later.

What Does Democracy Sound Like?

Lecture Series CIV, 14 August 2019 Laura Kunreuther on What Does Democracy Sound Like? Āwāj as Metaphor and Material of Democratic Practice In…

From Military to Market

Lecture Series CII, 15 May 2019 Amanda Chisholm on From Military to Market Political Economies of Private Military and Security Companies This…

Nepali Labour Migration to Japan

Lecture Series CI, 22 April 2019 Keiko Yamanaka on Nepali Labour Migration to Japan From Sojourners to Settlers? Since the 1990 democratisation,…

The History and Future of Food

Lecture Series XCV, 3 May 2018 Mart Stewart on The History and Future of Food (Especially Corn, Apples, and Chickens) We are what we eat and eat…