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Fund established

Bihari Krishna Ethnographic Research Fund established

At a function held on the 3rd of February, 2011, the well-known public intellectual, Bihari Krishna Shrestha, handed over a cheque of Rs 5,000,000 (five million) to Social Science Baha to set up a fellowship for ethnographic research. Addressing the gathering assembled to mark the occasion, Mr Shrestha said: ‘[I]t is my conviction that our country, Nepal, one of the ethnically most diverse in the world, needs good ethnographic studies. Ethnographies are the building blocks for the development of anthropology of Nepal and for being able to formulate anthropological theories. As shown by our achievements in forestry and health, they also provide a vital information base for promoting equitable and sustainable development in the communities.’ (Click here to download a copy of his remarks.)

Bihari Krishna Shrestha (left) hands over the cheque for Rs 5 million to Nirmal Man Tuladhar, Chair, Social Science Baha.

Journalist Aditya Man Shrestha commented on the importance accorded to acts of philanthropy in Hindu classical texts. Also speaking on occasion, Treasurer of Social Science Baha, Mohan Mainali, mentioned the decline of philanthropy in the education sector from the high point in the 1950s and the opening up of the education sector immediately after the end of the Rana regime. He further expressed his hope that this act of Bihari Krishna Shrestha’s would serve as the much-needed seed at a time of a philanthropic drought in education. He also clarified that Mr Shrestha was initially quite averse to naming the fellowship after himself and that he consented only after much persuasion.

Mr Mainali also made an appeal to the audience to contribute to the newly established Baha Social Science Research Fund, of which the Bihari Krishna Ethnographic Research Fund would form an integral part. He announced that members of the Social Science Baha had already contributed a sum of Rs 150,000 towards the setting up of the Baha Social Science Research Fund and efforts would be made to increase the funds through contributions. Social Science Baha has already undertaken to contribute Rs 10,000 every month towards the Fund. He further said that under the Baha Social Science Research Fund, a student had been provided with the Social Science Baha Scholarship at the Nepā School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Chair of Social Science Baha, Nirmal Man Tuladhar, received the cheque on behalf of the Baha. Mr Tuladhar thanked Mr Shrestha for reposing trust in the Baha and called on the gathering to witness the Baha’s commitment to live up to his expectations.