Social Science Baha

Synergy between Conservation and Development: Experience on Community Forestry and Value Chain Approach

Bhishma P Subedi

Starting with a short context of untapped potential and challenges in the natural products sector in Nepal, the presentation introduces the approach that ANSAB has designed and developed over the past decade. The enterprise-oriented, community-based resource management and value chain development approach with special emphasis on ecological sustainability, social justice and equity, and economic efficiency has been designed and applied in a range of natural products including handmade paper, briquette, essential oils and a variety of other natural products. The experience is summarized and presented covering the design, outcomes and examples. The presentation concludes with some of the lessons learned and suggestions on how a green and fair value chain can be developed for the benefit of local communities and natural environment. The model of sustainable management of ecosystem and balanced governance of value chain shows a great promise in addressing the current challenges of social and environmental conflicts including poverty and climate change.

Keywords: Conservation, Development, green and fair value chain, poverty, climate change.