Social Science Baha

The Historical Development of Nepali Magazines, 1899-1960

Ananta Koirala, Deepak Aryal, and Shamik Mishra

This paper assesses the historical development of Nepali magazines between 1899 and 1960. It describes the major objectives behind their publications and the themes covered by them. It also outlines the presence of particular groups (ethnic, caste, gender) that held sway over the writing, editing and publication of these magazines. Furthermore, this paper traces the influence of the Indian nationalist and Hindi language movements upon the Nepali magazines during the early decades of the 20th century. Based upon the study of a total of 59 magazines (46 general and 13 specialized), this paper argues that magazines played a vital role in popularizing the discourse of ‘Nepali nationalism and identity’ and in promoting the Nepali language as a symbol of national identity.