MC Regmi Lecture

The annual Mahesh Chandra Regmi Lecture was instituted by Social Science Baha to honour the seminal contribution of historian Mahesh Chandra Regmi to Nepali scholarship. The lecture series invites eminent scholars of the social sciences to present their work before a Kathmandu audience, and has now become a much-anticipated event in Nepal's academic calendar.

The inaugural Mahesh Chandra Regmi Lecture was delivered by Harka Gurung on 24 April, 2003, at the opening of the conference 'The Agenda of Transformation: Inclusion in Nepali Democracy'. Dr Gurung’s lecture entitled 'Trident and Thunderbolt: Cultural Dynamics in Nepali Politics' was given in the presence of the late Mahesh Chandra Regmi himself who was the chief guest on the occasion. Unfortunately, that proved to be Regmi’s last public appearance. (Click here to read obituary.)

2016—David Gellner: ‘The Idea of Nepal’ Dec 11, 2016
2015—Shiv Visvanathan: ‘Rethinking Secularism: An Invitation to an Experiment‘ Feb 01, 2016
2014—Chaitanya Mishra: ‘What Led to the 2006 Democratic Revolution in Nepal?’ Apr 12, 2015
2013—Vandana Shiva : ‘Seed Freedom and Food Freedom in Times of Globalisation’ Dec 22, 2013
2012—André Béteille : ‘The Varieties of Democracy’ Nov 07, 2012
2011—James F. Fisher: ‘Globalisation in Nepal: Theory and Practice’ Aug 17, 2011
2010—Elinor Ostrom: ‘Institutions and Resources’ Dec 07, 2010
2009—Romila Thapar: ‘The Vamshavali from Chamba: Reflections of a Historical Tradition’ Oct 14, 2009
2008—David Ludden: ‘Where Is the Revolution? Towards a Post-National Politics of Social Justice’ Aug 12, 2008
2007—Ashis Nandy: ‘The Return of the Sacred: The Language of Religion and the Fear of Democracy in a Post-Secular World’ Dec 13, 2007
2006—Michael Oppitz: ‘Close-Up and Wide-Angle: On Comparative Ethnography in the Himalaya and Beyond’ Dec 16, 2006
2005—Gerard Toffin: ‘From Kin to Caste: The Role of Guthis in Newar Society and Culture’ Sep 23, 2005
2004—Kumar Pradhan: ‘दार्जिलिडमा नेपाली जातियता र वर्तमान केही जनजातीय अडानहरु’ Aug 18, 2004
2003—Harka Gurung: ‘Trident and Thunderbolt: Cultural Dynamics in Nepalese Politics’ Apr 24, 2003


  • The Idea of Nepal
    —David Gellner (2016)

    Rethinking Secularism: An invitation to an experiment
    —Shiv Visvanathan (2015)

    What Led to the 2006 Democratic Revolution in Nepal?
    —Chaitanya Mishra (2014)

    Seed Freedom and Food Freedom in Times of Globalisation
    —Vandana Shiva (2013)

    The Varieties of Democracy
    —André Béteille (2012)

    Globalisation in Nepal
    —James F. Fisher (2011)

    Institutions and Resources
    —Elinor Ostrom (2010)

    The Vamshavali form Chamba
    —Romila Thapar (2009)

    Where Is the Revolution
    —David Ludden (2008)

    Return of the Sacred
    —Ashis Nandy (2007)

    Return of the Sacred
    —Ashis Nandy (2007)

    Close-up & Wide Angle
    —Michael Oppitz (2006)

    From Kin to Caste
    —Gerard Toffin (2005)

    Darjeeling ma Nepali (in Nepali)
    —Kumar Pradhan (2004)

    Trident and Thunderbolt
    —Harka Gurung (2003)

    Trident and Thunderbolt (in Nepali)
    —Harka Gurung (2003)