Lecture Series

As part of the Social Science Baha Lecture Series, the Baha has been providing a forum to local and visiting scholars to present their work and interact with the larger public in an open lecture format. The Lecture Series is a not a periodic event but rather is held whenever there is someone ready to make a presentation. The following are the lectures hosted by the Baha so far.

Note: Audio versions of lectures are available online from Lecture Series XXI onwards, and also available are abstracts from Lecture Series XI and later.

Lecture Series XXXII—Seira Tamang: ‘The Fragile Yam: Nepali ‘Stateness’ and the Renegotiation of Gendered Citizenship’ Nov 29, 2009
Lecture Series XXXIII—Arjun Guneratne: ‘From Liberal Democracy to Authoritarian State: A Tale of Constitutional Evolution in Sri Lanka and Possible Lessons for Nepal’ Dec 04, 2009
Lecture Series XXXIV—Megan Adamson Sijapati: ‘Nepali Muslims, Islamic Revival, and the ‘New Nepal’: A Look at Secularism, Religion, and the Politicisation of Identities’ Jan 04, 2010
Lecture Series XXXV—David Zurick: ‘Landscape and Life History in the Himalaya’ Jan 11, 2010
Lecture Series XXXVI—Vinay Gidwani: ‘Politics without Guarantees: Gramsci, Uneven Development, and the Constitution of a ‘People’’ Jan 08, 2010
Lecture Series XXXVII—Amiya Dev: ‘Levels of Narration in the Mahābhārata’ Jan 27, 2010
Lecture Series XXXVIII—Willem van Schendel: ‘Apparent Horizons: South Asia from Its Borderlands’ Mar 30, 2010
Lecture Series XXXIX—Antonio Donini: ‘Humanitarianism in the 21st Century: Lessons from Afghanistan and Other Crises’ Apr 15, 2010
Lecture Series XL—Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake: ‘Challenges of Sustainable Peace Building and Demilitarizing Development in Post-conflict Sri Lanka: One Year after the War’ Jul 06, 2010
Lecture Series III—Ramesh Dhungel: ‘Opening the Chest of Nepal’s History: The Survey of Brian Houghton Hodgson’s Manuscripts from the British Library and Royal Asiatic Society’ Jul 01, 2003
Lecture Series I—Michael Hutt: ‘Bhutanese Refugees: Some Reflections on the Past and Present’ Jul 19, 2002
Lecture Series II—Joe Heim: ‘Political Culture, Political Participation, and Political Leadership’ Jan 09, 2003