Lecture Series

As part of the Social Science Baha Lecture Series, the Baha has been providing a forum to local and visiting scholars to present their work and interact with the larger public in an open lecture format. The Lecture Series is a not a periodic event but rather is held whenever there is someone ready to make a presentation. The following are the lectures hosted by the Baha so far.

Note: Audio versions of lectures are available online from Lecture Series XXI onwards, and also available are abstracts from Lecture Series XI and later.

Lecture Series LXIX—Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya: ‘Self-Determination and Its Contestations: The Indian Experience’ Oct 28, 2013
Lecture Series LXVIII—William Ruger: ‘The Path to Prosperity for Developing Economies’ Aug 06, 2013
Lecture Series LXVII—Yasmin Khan: ‘India’s Second World War’ Apr 16, 2013
Lecture Series LXVI— Magnus Hatlebakk: ‘Agrarian Relations and Rural Poverty’ Mar 25, 2013
Lecture Series LXV— Gautama V. Vajracharya: ‘Revisiting the Concept of ‘Prana’ in Nepali and Indian Art’ Feb 28, 2013
Lecture Series LXIV—Johan Galtung: ‘Peace: Four Components’ Feb 14, 2013
Lecture Series LXIII—Mark Liechty: ‘‘Something Big and Glorious and Magnificently Insane’: Hippie Kathmandu’ Jan 09, 2013
Lecture Series LXII—Roger Jeffery: ‘Access to Appropriate Medicines: Challenges for Nepal’ Dec 20, 2012
Lecture Series LXI—Neil De Votta: ‘The Rise of China and Its Implications for Indo-Lanka Relations’ Dec 13, 2012
Lecture Series LX—John Whelpton: ‘Christianity and Nepali Society’ Dec 04, 2012
Lecture Series LIX—Barbara Nimri Aziz: ‘The Mystery of Shakti Yogmaya: Politics or Religion?’ Nov 02, 2012
Lecture Series LVIII—Mara Malagodi: ‘Kathmandu Journey: Sir Ivor Jennings in Nepal (28 March-24 April 1958)’ Jul 26, 2012
Lecture Series LVII—Rachel Stevens: ‘Nepal Diary: Reflections and Impressions’ Jul 05, 2012
Lecture Series LVI—Jeevan Raj Sharma: ‘Border Effects: Analytical Issues in Border Crossing’ May 29, 2012
Lecture Series LV—Nathalie E. Williams: ‘Migration during Armed Conflict: A New Look at Variability in Migration Decisions’ Apr 19, 2012
Lecture Series LIV—David Mosse: ‘Anthropology and Development Policy: A Difficult Relationship?’ Mar 30, 2012
Lecture Series LIII—Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka: ‘Ethnicity in the University: Heterogeneity and Inequality’ Mar 19, 2012
Lecture Series LII—Todd Lewis and Subarna Man Tuladhar: ‘Chittadhar Hridaya’s Sugata Saurabha: The Known and Unknown in the Composition of the Epic’ Mar 06, 2012
Lecture Series LI—Ulrike Muller-Boker: ‘The Multi-local Livehihoods of Bajhangis’ Feb 23, 2012
Lecture Series L— Chiara Letizia: ‘Shaping Secularism in Nepal’ Jan 09, 2012