About Social Science Baha


Social Science Baha (SSB) is an independent, non-profit organisation set up with the objective of promoting and enhancing the study of and research in the social sciences in Nepal. Established on 1 January 2002 with the primary focus of starting a social science library, the SSB has since diversified its activities and taken up other activities as well, namely, i) hosting lectures, discussions, workshops, and conferences; ii) publishing books, occasional papers and journals; and iii) conducting research.

Social Science Baha Library

The main priority of SSB from the very beginning has been the development of a well-stocked and efficiently managed social science library. The SSB library has so far collected more than 35,000 items consisting of books, documents, reports, journals, maps, dissertations, CDs, brochures, pamphlets, etc. The collection has been put together mainly through donations by individuals and institutions in Nepal and abroad and has been augmented by purchases over the years. The library also provides users with access to online journals through aggregators such as JSTOR and ProjectMuse. The SSB library is not a lending library and users are expected to visit the library to make use of the resources available.

Lectures, Conferences, and Workshops

SSB organises lectures, discussions, conferences, and workshops on various issues relevant to Nepal. The lectures hosted by the SSB fall into two categories: a) The Mahesh Chandra Regmi Lecture, one of the major events in the Baha’s annual calendar, with the invited speakers being academic luminaries with a long-standing contribution in their own field; and b) the Baha Lecture Series, which is held more frequently and features Nepali and foreign scholars.

SSB also hosts conferences, workshops and discussions, inviting a range of scholars to deliberate on selected subjects. A major event is the Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya, which has been organised since 2012.


SSB has also begun publications in the social sciences and related fields. The books and occasional papers that the Baha has published have been written by academics of note, and the works contribute to furthering the discourse on topics that have gained currency in Nepali academia as well as to introducing new subjects for discussion.


SSB has undertaken various research projects either independently or working together with other organisations. Many of these projects are of topical nature and seek to link academia with popular discourse. The research focuses on a variety of subjects having to do with the social sciences and have ranged from issues such as infrastructure development, youth, health, social inclusion, etc. One of the primary areas of research is labour and migration for which a separate unit within SSB, the Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility (CESLAM) was set up in 2011.